10 Ways to Redecorate Old Dressers

10 Ways to Redecorate Old Dressers

Last week, I cleaned up  my house and found an old dresser which needed redecorating. Then I brought something decorative to refashion the dresser. Though I am not a good painting, I change a bright color to my dresser and it looks new again. Today I want to

Wine Bottle Hanging Lanterns

10 DIY Bottle Light Ideas

You find that there are many old wine bottles at home. Please wait before you throw them away! Collect all these old bottles and create some bottle light for your home. If you happen to be a DIY lover, you will love today’s title called 10 DIY Bottle Light I

Cute Wall Arts

15 Cutest DIY Projects You Must Finish

Hello, everyone! Prettydesigns continues to bring you something cute for the life. There are cutest DIY projects in today’s post. You can not only find some DIY ideas, but also finish some cute projects for your home. Here are the step-by-step projects. They

10 DIY Projects for Pallet Planters

10 DIY Projects for Pallet Planters

It’s perfect to do some gardening when weekend comes. It can not only beautify your backyard, but also make you happy. For me, I love planting sunflowers. Though it takes time to cultivate a beautiful flower, I feel happy and fulfilled. Before I begin to bri

Colorful Paper Lanterns

11 DIY Projects to Make Paper Lanterns

Hello, DIY lovers! Prettydesigns continues to show you some DIY tutorials. Have you ever made a paper lantern before? Or have you ever thought of DIY paper lanterns for your big day? If you are a DIY lover and you are interested in this projects, you will not

Candle Holder

12 Low-cost DIY Projects for Home

You want something new and pretty for your home and you don’t want to spend too much money on them? DIY projects can always help you out. They are good ideas for DIY lovers as well as useful for your home decorating. DIY project can save your money and low-c

Deer Head

15 Ideas to Make String Arts

Can a string create something stylish and cool? The answer must be yes. Even a simple string can make a perfect art if you learn some tricks about it. Don’t you believe that? Today prettydesigns will give you some string art ideas to check out. Browse throug

Lamp Redo Tutorial

12 DIY Projects to Give Lamp Makeovers

DIY projects can always bring fun to us. Today prettydesigns are going to bring you some DIY projects to spice up your lamp. If you don’t like your lamp any more, you can give it some makeovers to make it new again. How to refresh your old lamps? There are 1

Mason Jar Candle Holder

11 Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

You haven’t consider sending gifts in your budget? You have to send gifts in some occasions? Don’t worry. DIY ideas can always help you out. You are lucky to find the site and you will find out gift ideas offered by Prettydesigns. Today we provide you with

Wood Storage

10 Ways to Make Your Own Wooden Work

You are crazy about DIY projects and you are good at woodworking? You will love today’s post. It is all about the wooden work arts which are practical for your daily life. You can find 10 useful ways to get inspired for you next wooken work. Collect some old

Watercolor Canvas Art

13 Projects to Use Watercolors

When I was a child, I used watercolors in order to know more about painting. I found that watercolors are amazing because I could create dark or light colors by mixing up several colors. As a child, I did have fun in making watercolors, but I was not a good dr

Funny DIY Wall Art

15 Simple Ideas to Make Wall Arts

You need some stylish wall arts to spice up your home decorating? If you say yes, you will love today’s post. Prettydesigns takes an article called 15 Simple Ideas to Make Wall Arts to you and offer you super simple ideas to have many a wall art. In the post

10 DIY Beverage Holder Projects

10 DIY Beverage Holder Projects

Here comes the DIY projects again! Today’s post will tell you how to make beverage holders which are called koozies too on your own. Koozies are used to hold the beverages if they are too cold or too hot. They are practical stuff in your daily life. Thanks t

Tapestry Crochet Coin Purse

DIY Projects: Coin Purses

Do you need a small bag to organize your earphones or the coins? If you say yes, you will love the post. Today’s post is all about DIY coin purses. It offers ideas for DIY lovers to make their own coin purses. From the Internet, Prettydesigns found thousands