Beautifual Vases

15 Fantastic Uses for Washi Tapes

Have you had some DIY ideas with some small washi tapes? Actually washi tapes can provide you with many fantastic DIY projects. If you have never thought about it, you can get inspired from today’s post. Prettydesigns continue to bring you something funny an

Party Balloon Ideas

10 Ways to Use Balloons

You think balloons can just be offered to children? Today prettydesigns will show you ways to make good use of balloons. Yes. Don’t you believe? Balloons can not only be used for kids’ game or party decorating, but also be created crafts like bowls, doily

Romantic Floral Backdrop

20 Ideas to Make Floral Backdrop

Do you want to make a DIY wedding in order to save some money? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. It’s about some DIY projects. They can tell you how to make a floral backdrop which can beautify your whole wedding. If you are interested in the

15 DIY Floral Garland Projects for Your Home

12 DIY Floral Garland Projects for Your Home

Hey, girls! Do you love flowers? I think the rose will be your favorite, right? However, today I am not going to talk about what kind of flowers will you receive for the next date? Prettydesigns will show you how to decorate your home with the seasoning flower

15 DIY Fruit Mask Projects

15 DIY Fruit Mask Projects

Do you love fruits? Have you ever thought of making a facial mask by your favorite fruit? Today’s post is going to tell you how to make your own fruit mask at home. Prettydesigns is here to show you how amazing these DIY mask projects are. We are sure that y

10 Ideas to Wrap Your Gifts

10 Ideas to Wrap Your Gifts

How do you wrap your gifts usually? Just some simple paper wrapping? You feel embarrass when you don’t have a pretty wrapper for your gift? Don’t worry. Prettydesigns is here and give you 10 ideas to wrap your gifts. If it happens to be a occasion which re

10 Ways to Make a Nice Workplace

10 Ways to Make a Nice Workplace

What does your workplace look like? Do you feel comfortable with it? If you give a negative answer, you should give some makeover to make a nice workplace. As your workplace can give you inspiration and motivation, you’d better make it comfortable and tidy.

11 Macrame DIY Projects You Will Love

10 Macrame DIY Projects You Will Love

We are so happy to show you some pretty macrame from the Internet in today’s post. If you are crazy about macrame and you happen to be a DIY lover, you will love today’s DIY macrame projects introduced by prettydesigns. We are sure that you will have fun w

20 Funny DIY Projects to Make with Kids

20 Funny DIY Projects to Finish with Kids

Why not take some DIY projects and have fun with your kids? DIY projects can not only recycle something used at home, but also create fun for both adults and kids. So when you find that it is long time since you played with your kids, you’d better choose DIY

DIY Crochet Apple

20 Projects to Spend a DIY weekend

Weekend again! What will you do for your weekend? Someone may love stay at home or at a place for Saturday and Sunday. There are pretty good activities for you to have even at home. Yes. DIY projects can not only inspire your imagination, but also kill your ti


20 Super Easy DIY Projects for Your Home

Last weekend, I cleaned up my house and found some old mason jars as well as other used stuff. An idea occurs to my head. Why not turn all these old mason jars into DIY vase or something useful? Then I searched for the significant projects to finish my DIY cra

Drawstring Bag

20 DIY Stuff for an Easy Traveling

What do you usually do for a decent weather? Yes. Traveling will be the best idea to enjoy the sun as well as the breezy. Before you hit the road, you should make preparation for your traveling. Today prettydesigns is going to offer you some DIY ideas to get y

20.Father’s Day Cards

20 DIY Ideas to Make Father’s Day Cards

Today, I have to provide you with some DIY ideas to make Father’s Day cards because an important day is around the corner. Yes. Father’s Day will come this Sunday. You have forgotten the day? Don’t worry. You still have time to make a gift for your Daddy

Cat Plant Holders

20 DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

It is long time since you finished your last DIY projects? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. The post will stimulate you to get your hands busy again. Why not check out the post first and take a lazy summer afternoon to DIY these funny projects