20 Ideas to Set a Romantic Table

20 Ideas to Set a Romantic Table

Weekend is approaching. What are you going to rock this weekend? Someone may say that they are going to date some guys at dinner. Then are you the one to prepare the meal? If you say yes, you’d better learn something about romantic for your dinner. Here are

Easy Kitchen Organization

15 Ideas to Save Space

Do you know how to save space for your home? Besides organizing your stuff well, good storage will play important role in saving space to have a comfortable home. In the post, prettydesigns will show you 15 ideas to have useful storage. We will offer you ideas

Wood Pallet Art

18 Ideas to Have Wood Wall Art

It’s time for you to change your wall art? You are lucky to find out today’s post. It will tell you how to choose a wall art to complete your home decorating. Just stay with prettydesigns and we always provide something stylish for your life. The post is a

Log Planters

How to Beautify Your Garden

If you have a garden for your house, you are lucky to have a paradise. A garden is a place where you can play with your children, meet with friends and read with a cup of coffee. So it’s necessary for you to beautify your garden and make it appear in your ow

Wood Storage

10 Ways to Make Your Own Wooden Work

You are crazy about DIY projects and you are good at woodworking? You will love today’s post. It is all about the wooden work arts which are practical for your daily life. You can find 10 useful ways to get inspired for you next wooken work. Collect some old

Funny DIY Wall Art

15 Simple Ideas to Make Wall Arts

You need some stylish wall arts to spice up your home decorating? If you say yes, you will love today’s post. Prettydesigns takes an article called 15 Simple Ideas to Make Wall Arts to you and offer you super simple ideas to have many a wall art. In the post

Vintage-chic Home

19 Ideas to Bring Your Home Vintage Vibe

It’s time for you to decorate your home for summer. You have no idea to finish the decorating? Don’t worry. You can get inspired from today’s post. Prettydesigns continue to offer you many a useful idea to help you get vintage home. We don’t think you

White Tone Kitchen

21 Home Decorating Ideas to Bring Makeovers

To welcome a new month, what do you usually do? Why not bring some makeovers to your house and make a pretty place to live? It’s not easy for any of us to decorate the house because we will consider so many things. You should pay attention to the color of th


15 Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

If you have outdoor space for your home, you are lucky to have a place called paradise. Why we call the outdoor space paradise? You can create a better place for your home and give makeovers to your outdoor space by your imagination. Today, we are here to tell


15 Designs for Bright Dinning Rooms

What does your dinning room look like? Do you want to change a new look for it or want to decorate the room again? If you want a bright and beautiful dinning room, you can check the decorating ideas out first. To make a bright as well as beautiful dinning room

Easter Tablescape

15 Ideas to Decorate Your Home For Easter

When spring is here, it gives you colorful flowers, bright sunshine and warm breezy. It’s always a time to get everything new and fresh. A new season has come and a cold season has just gone. Easter is a holiday for you to welcome spring. It requires so many


Give Your Home Pastel Colors for Spring

After saying goodbye to the cold winter, we welcome a beautiful spring. We start to make everything new and fresh. Why not change a new look for our house? We can add some pastel colors to our bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms in order to give a warm as


Home Decorating: Dinning Room Ceiling Ideas

Today we will talk something about the dinning room. How to decorate the dinning room is very important for every family. Dinning room is a place where your family treat the guests or the friends and the whole family enjoy meals. So you can make a bright as we

Easter Eggs and Flowers

15 Easter Decorating Ideas

When you look at this picture, will you feel funny? It makes me happy as a little bunny searches for something. The decoration can be used to welcome Easter. It can be made as a place card or just a table decoration. This funny bunny reminds you of the Easter


Table Decoration Ideas for Spring

To welcome the arrival of the beautiful spring, I decide to buy some flowers to spice up the rooms. When spring comes, decorating the rooms with the flowers is one of the effective ways to make a better living place. Today we continue to offer you some decorat