5 Tips on How to Pull Off Flawless Metallic Makeup

Metallic makeup is a fun beauty trend that involves makeup with a shiny finish reminiscent of metal. This makeup creates a modern, futuristic look and, when done right, it appears sophisticated and adventurous without looking too overdone. Metallic makeup ca

5 Makeup Trends You Should Try

In this fast-paced world, there are always new trends popping up across the globe. When it comes to makeup trends, there’s something new to try every day. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the latest makeup trends or aren’t sure which

7 Makeup Tips For Aging Skin

7 Useful Makeup Tips For Aging Skin

via As we age, our skin and facial features gradually change. Therefore, our daily beauty routine needs to change as well in order to better suit our aging skin. If you’re among the many women who are frustrated by their aging skin, keep reading to discove

15 Makeup Tutorials You Can Try This Season

It is getting cooler and cooler. Fall is right here. Do you have any idea on making a great look for fall? If your answer is yes, you will not miss the fall makeup tutorials. Today’s post is going to tell you some useful tutorials for you to learn how to cre

5 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Pores [MUST READ]

Pores are a challenge that almost all avid beauty lovers struggle with throughout their life. Although pores are a natural part of your skin, many people have pores that are larger or more visible than they would like. Large and highly visible pores on your

5 Tips on How to Blend Eyeshadow Seamlessly

Eyeshadow should be an important element of your everyday makeup routine. It is an incredibly versatile makeup product; dark eyeshadows can create a dramatic smoke eye look for a night out on the town, while bright, colorful, and glittery eyeshadows are great

How to Get The Perfect Bomb Brows For Beginners

How to Get The Perfect Bomb Brows For Beginners

Great eyebrows frame your eyes and create a natural attractive focal point for your face. However, achieving stellar eyebrows can be a difficult feat to take on. It’s easy to end up with brows that are too unnaturally dark and look witchy or brows that

5 Tips on How to Keep Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

5 Tips on How to Keep Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

One of the most disappointing things about makeup is how quickly it can stop looking fresh after it is applied. Over a period of a few hours, makeup begins to naturally crease, fade, and settle into the fine lines of your face. This deterioration can leave you

The Right Ways to Contour & Highlight For Beginners

The Right Ways to Contour & Highlight For Beginners

How to Contouring & Highlighting For Beginnersvia tumblr Contouring and highlighting is a beauty trend that has gained extensive popularity recently. It involves applying darker matte (contour) and lighter shimmer (highlight) makeup to certain specific

15 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials You Can Try

You need to get more ideas to improve your makeup skills?You will not miss today’s post. It is all about step-by-step makeup tutorials. They are going to tell you how to make a perfect look for your daily life or special events. In the post you will find var

10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes You Really Need

Eyeshadow palettes are an excellent addition to your makeup collection. They include multiple eyeshadow colors that allow you to create countless versatile looks using only one product. Because eyeshadow palettes are so popular, there are hundreds of palettes