25 Geometric Ways to Make Pretty Nail Arts

Geometry is everywhere in the world. Designers even use geometry to create stylish garments for women. Actually geometric themes are used to pop up the nail arts as well. The variation of geometry enhances the nail designs. Today’s post is all about the geom

15 Wedding Inspired Nail Ideas You will Like

Do you like romantic nail designs for your new manicure? If you are considering your new nail arts, why not try wedding inspired nails to improve your nails? When weddings are mentioned, there are always something romantic around. Yes. To make a wedding inspir

30 Really Cute Toe Nails for Summer

Flip Flops are must-have stuff for every summer. What are your new flip flops like this year? Every girl may have several pairs of flip flops. The girls usually go with the staples without nice nails. Some of them change the toe manicure a lot. Here are toe na

25 Trendy Nails for Your Summer Look

Summer is approaching. Why not get a pretty summer manicure for the season? As it is an enthusiasm as well as hot season, let’s pop up the nail art by summer elements. Girls may consider what to glam your nails this summer. Don’t worry. There are ideas to

15 Cute Nail Art Designs You Will Fall in Love With

15 Cute Nail Art Designs You Will Fall in Love With

So you’ve got your dream outfit together- right down to the perfect accessories and hair on point- but there’s something missing? Sometimes one of the most overlooked parts of any look is nails! Whether you go for a stiletto shape like Lana Del Rey, eye-ca

Floral Nail Design Tutorial

20 Cute Nail Art Designs for Spring

Hey, girls! Are you enjoying the beautiful days? Do you like the latest fashion trends and will you follow them? The trendy outfit plays a very important part for our whole look. But you should never forget other details like makeup, accessories, and even nail

Pom – Pom Nail Design

12 Cute and Lovable Pom Pom Nail Designs

Do you want to make your nails look cute and adorable? Pom pom nails can make a good choice and are being very popular among girls this year. This trend was first started in Korea and then gained a wide population around the world. They own a lovely yet still

Stone Nail Art Design

20 Magnificent Stone Nail Art Designs

Do you want to create a special and unique look for your nails this season? Today, I am here to tell you that the latest trend in nail art is stone nails. Do you like them? And will you follow this trend? You may find them look alike to water marbling nail art

Sharpie Nail Art Design

23 Sharpie Nail Art Designs for This Spring

Do you want to make a difference to your nails for the new season? Well, I should say that you are in the right place. For today, we’ve rounded up 23 sharpie nail art designs in this post to give you some inspiration. They look very fantastic and are the new

Beige and Purple Nail Design

22 Beige Nail Designs to Try This Season

Hey, girls! Spring is coming soon! It means that we are going to have some new trends for the upcoming season. The trendy outfits will play an important part for your whole look. But with a right nail design, you will look more attractive and charming. For tod

Splatter Nail Design

18 Interesting Splatter Nail Designs

Are you in want of an interesting and fun nail art design to complete your outfit this season? Well, you are in the right place. For today, I have made a gallery of 18 interesting splatter nail designs in this post to give you some inspiration. All of them wil

Pastel Negative Space Nails

20 Inspiring Negative Space Nails

Hey, girls! The negative nail designs have come back to us this season. Are you ready to pull off this trend? Compared to other nail designs, the negative nails can create a super modern and contemporary look for women. You can pair them with your any outfit f

15 Nail Design Ideas That Are Actually Easy to Copy

You always think that only sophisticated designs can rock your nails? I have to say that you are misled. Even some simple shapes and simple elements can create the stylish nail art. Today prettydesigns will show you some easy nail art ideas. These super easy i