Pom – Pom Nail Design

12 Cute and Lovable Pom Pom Nail Designs

Do you want to make your nails look cute and adorable? Pom pom nails can make a good choice and are being very popular among girls this year. This trend was first started in Korea and then gained a wide population around the world. They own a lovely yet still

Stone Nail Art Design

20 Magnificent Stone Nail Art Designs

Do you want to create a special and unique look for your nails this season? Today, I am here to tell you that the latest trend in nail art is stone nails. Do you like them? And will you follow this trend? You may find them look alike to water marbling nail art

Sharpie Nail Art Design

23 Sharpie Nail Art Designs for This Spring

Do you want to make a difference to your nails for the new season? Well, I should say that you are in the right place. For today, we’ve rounded up 23 sharpie nail art designs in this post to give you some inspiration. They look very fantastic and are the new

Beige and Purple Nail Design

22 Beige Nail Designs to Try This Season

Hey, girls! Spring is coming soon! It means that we are going to have some new trends for the upcoming season. The trendy outfits will play an important part for your whole look. But with a right nail design, you will look more attractive and charming. For tod

Splatter Nail Design

18 Interesting Splatter Nail Designs

Are you in want of an interesting and fun nail art design to complete your outfit this season? Well, you are in the right place. For today, I have made a gallery of 18 interesting splatter nail designs in this post to give you some inspiration. All of them wil

Pastel Negative Space Nails

20 Inspiring Negative Space Nails

Hey, girls! The negative nail designs have come back to us this season. Are you ready to pull off this trend? Compared to other nail designs, the negative nails can create a super modern and contemporary look for women. You can pair them with your any outfit f

15 Nail Design Ideas That Are Actually Easy to Copy

You always think that only sophisticated designs can rock your nails? I have to say that you are misled. Even some simple shapes and simple elements can create the stylish nail art. Today prettydesigns will show you some easy nail art ideas. These super easy i

Pink Matte Nails

25 Cute Matte Nail Designs You Will Love

Matte nails are to be considered very easy to apply for girls. They will make a cute and lovely look with their simple style. A beautiful nail design plays an important role just like your fashionable clothes. So you should also pay much attention on your nail

Valentine' s Day Nail Design

22 Romantic Nail Designs for Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! We should all start thinking about every details of that day. A piece of beautiful red dress is the first thing that comes to my mind, as the red color stands for love and passion. Another fresh idea to get caught up is to wea

Rose Quartz Matte Nails

20 Rose Quartz Nail Designs for 2016

Pantone have chosen Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of the year 2016. Both of them are soft and will remind us of the calmness. Maybe you are already planning on buying some clothes of these two colors. But do you know how to wear them on your nails? Fo

White Nail Design Idea

20 Classic Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try Now!

Have you ever had such kind of trouble when pairing your nails with your outfits? Don’t worry, today I’ll provide you with 20 classic nail designs in this post. With their help, I bet you will never have those troubles again before going out every day! Gen

23 Designs to Get Inspired for Painting Pastel Nails

When winter ends, what are you going to paint for your manicure? Spring nail arts can be vivid. Have you ever tried out those pastel nail designs? If you say no, you must pick some gorgeous designs up and paint your spring nails. You are lucky to find out our

White Nails with Feather

Spring Trend: 16 White Nail Designs You May Love

In spite of the colorful nails, white nail designs play an important role in spring. White nail arts appear as runway looks frequently in this season. If you want a more interesting than a simple nail art, you can just have a stylish white nail art. They are n

20 Floral Nails You Must Try for Spring

How to show your creativity? To paint your nails is to show off your imagination for your manicure. Since girls are never tired of painting pretty nail arts, they will experience with vivid polishing themes. Today prettydesigns will give you girls a new nail i