Opal Nail Art Design

23 Sweet Spring Nail Art Ideas & Designs for Girls

Do you want to create a beautiful nail design of your own style? Well, it is high time to try something different this season. Perfect nails will help to spice up your life in a great way. You can simple apply bright colored nails or style them with pretty flo

20 Nail Designs to Paint Eiffel Tower

When talking about Paris, what will occur to your head? I will say Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower is one of the famous icons in Paris. I used to paint the Eiffel Tower on my nails and I found thousands of ways to make the mani pop. Today, I am here to show you som

Wedding Nail Design for Long Nails

17 Beautiful Nail Designs for Long Nails 2017

Compared with short nails, the long nail designs are perfect for special events. A perfect nail design can complete your evening dresses glamorously. Besides, it will look very fantastic to have different colored polishes on your nails. If you don’t like tho

25 Trendy Nails for Your Summer Look

Summer is approaching. Why not get a pretty summer manicure for the season? As it is an enthusiasm as well as hot season, let’s pop up the nail art by summer elements. Girls may consider what to glam your nails this summer. Don’t worry. There are ideas to

Black and White French Nails

19 Fantastic French Manicure Ideas

It’s summer time, not only you need a great haircut, but also you need beautiful nails! There’s a classic look for our nail designs and it will never step out of the fashion trends for women. Yes, you got it. It is the French nail designs. I bet there

15 Nail Design Ideas That Are Actually Easy to Copy

You always think that only sophisticated designs can rock your nails? I have to say that you are misled. Even some simple shapes and simple elements can create the stylish nail art. Today prettydesigns will show you some easy nail art ideas. These super easy i

White Nail Design Idea

20 Classic Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try Now!

Have you ever had such kind of trouble when pairing your nails with your outfits? Don’t worry, today I’ll provide you with 20 classic nail designs in this post. With their help, I bet you will never have those troubles again before going out every day! Gen

Geometric Gradient Nail Design

30 Wonderful Ombre Nail Designs for 2017

Update: The ombre nail art designs look very glamorous for women. They seem very complicated but actually are very easy to make. It will be fantastic to mix different color nail polishes together on your nails. You can use almost all your favorite colors to cr

Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

66 Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

Looking for new nail art ideas for your short nails recently? These are awesome designs you can realistically accomplish–or at least ideas you can modify for your own nails! Chic and fun nail art aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee

Half Moon Burgundy Nail Design

21 Amazing Burgundy Nail Designs for Women 2017

For girls who want to try something different with those lovely pastel colors on their nails, the bloody hot burgundy shades could be a good choice. They have a darker appearance than the red and a more friendly look than the black. Besides, the wine-hued burg

Fishtail Braid Mani

10 Easy Step by Step Nail Art Tutorials for 2017

We always need some fresh ideas to make our life more interesting and colorful as well as for our nails. To get a perfect nail look, you needn’t spend a fortune to go to the professionals. It will take your time and patience following some useful tutorials.

Sequined Bow Nail Design

13 Amazing Nail Design Ideas for Girls 2014

I believe no girls could resist the beautiful nail designs for your trendy look. But as the fashion is always changing so fast, so we need to be informed with the latest nail trends every season. Today, I’d like to show you 13 amazing nail design ideas with

Black and White Nails for Classy Nail Designs

14 Fantastic Nail Designs

The good nail polish can make a girl look exquisite and delicate. There’re so many famous designer around the world to give you fantastic nail art designs of different styles. Today, we’ve collected up 14 wonderful nail designs to give your nails a stylish

Pink Nails

Playful Nail Designs for the Week

Hey, girls! Today, we will introduce some latest nail designs for you to spice up your manicure. From cartoon nail arts to cool nail arts, you can always find what you need to paint for the nails here. You can find kitty nail art in the post. If you want a cut