Bell Sleeve Top

16 Stylish Ways to Wear Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are gonna be one of the hottest fashion trends this season. We need to recognize that they will remind us of the chic 70’s style. Many fashion bloggers have already pulled off this trend successfully and made some very trendy and fabulous combin

Shirt and Sweater Combination

16 Casual-Chic Shirt and Sweater Combinations

Do you know which look is the best choice for transition season? I think it should definitely be the warm sweater and shirt combinations. They look very casual and chic yet will still keep you warm and comfy in cold weather. Besides, it is also the perfect tim

Black Leather Jacket and Culottes

20 Ways to Wear Culottes This Season

Have you already got tired of your broken jeans and skirts? Do you want to try something new? Culottes have become one of the main fashion trends for women this season and you should really give them a shot. Besides, they can easily go along with many differen

Parka Outfit

17 Ways to Style Your Parka Outfits

Hey, girls! Do you need a stylish piece yet will still keep you warm in cold winter days? Well, I should say you are in the right place. Just like jumpers, the parker jacket is also being an essential part for every woman’s wardrobe. You can easily find one

Faux Fur Coat for Your Holiday Look

23 Chic Ways to Wear Faux Fur Coats

We all have to admit that the faux fur trend has come back for us this winter. And I should say it is quite well. Faux fur coats should be a must-have piece for every woman’s winter wardrobe. They can make an ultra classy and luxury look whilst keeping you w

Rose Quartz Tulle Skirt

15 Ways to Wear the Colors of the Year 2016

For the very first time, Pantone has chosen two colors – serenity and rose quartz to mark the year 2016. Both of them are soft, pastel colors and can reflect peace and wellness for people. The new trend has changed the way how people view colors and will

Serenity Skirt and Print Top

15 Incredible Ways to Wear Serenity for 2016

The last year was a wonderful year and there’ll be a lot of new fashion trends for the coming new year. Serenity and rose quartz are chosen as the colors of the year 2016. Both of them are pretty pastel colors for girls. For today, I have chosen some trendy

15 Easy and Clever Ideas to Arrange Your Closet

You still can find the sweater you brought three years ago in your closet? It’s time for you to get rid of the old sweaters. Prettydesigns will show you how to arrange your closet well in some simple ways. Just stay with us and find useful ideas. First of al

Blue Turtleneck Dress

20 Chic Ways to Style Your Turtlenecks

Do you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends this season? Well, I should say it’s high time for you to update your wardrobe with a turtleneck. It could be black, white, purple, orange or any other color you like. Maybe you’ve already seen their fa

17 Great Outfit Ideas for Fall

I bet every girl must have some essential pieces in her wardrobe for the fall season. They can be a knit dress, a cardigan or a trench coat and will become very useful when the temperature drops. In this post, we’d like to show you how to pair them in a tren

White Sweater with Suede Fringe Skirt

20 Chic Ways to Wear Suede Skirts

As the suede and fringe are being so popular this season, I’d like to write a post about suede skirts specially. The suede skirts will take us back to the 70s’ style. The most commonly seen colors of this material are beige, blue, black, light brown and da

Denim Shirt with Flared Jeans

22 Chicest Ways to Wear Flared Jeans

Hey, girls! The flared jeans have come back in trend for us and they will definitely become a hot hit this season. We have seen many top models wearing them on the runways. Do you like wearing flared jeans? They can remind us of the wild 70s’ style and make

22 Trendy Suded & Fringe Outfits for Fall

Do you want to know the latest fashion trend for fall 2015? It seems the suede and fringes are being more and more popular this season. We can always see some people wearing a suede button-down skirt or a fringe jacket on street. These two fashion trends remin