15 Ways to Make Photo Walls

15 Ways to Make Photo Walls

Do you want to display your photos on the walls of your house? You don’t have any idea to deal with the photo walls. Don’t worry. Prettydesigns can always help you out. Today we are going to introduce some DIY ways to you to display your own photos. It’s

20 DIY Painting Ideas for Wall Art

20 DIY Painting Ideas for Wall Art

Are you a good drawer and a DIY lover? If you say yes, you will love today’s post. Prettydesigns continue to show you something creative and pretty. The post will offer some painting ideas for your DIY projects. We don’t think you will miss it. There are n

Food Bowls in Wheatgrass

20 Useful DIY Pet Food Stations

Have you ever kicked over your pet’s water bowls by accident? You must hate the mess and wet floor occurred. Well, it would be a problem anymore with our post today. You can build one food station especially for them. It is high time to get this project done

Cooker Organizer

20 Kitchen DIY Ideas You Must Love

Though I am not a good cook, I love cooking in my spare time for trying some delicious recipes. So I always make my kitchen tidy and easy to deal with. Today I will share some DIY ideas with you to make a better kitchen. It’s important to keep your kitchen s

20 Great Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

20 Brilliant Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Don’t you just love fashion/life hacks? They have the ability to update, save, transform, and make your problems disappear. Here are some great fashion hacks guaranteed to make you want to start experimenting right away! We have collected these practic

10 Homemade Cleaner Tips

10 Homemade Cleaner Tips

Have you thought of making the cleaners on your own? If you say no and you are interested in DIY, you will love today’s post. Prettydesigns will offer you 10 ways to make your own cleaners at home. DIY cleaner can not only save your money, but also keep your

Paper Sorter

10 DIY Projects for Your Office

Whether your office is at home or in a high building, you’d better make it organized and tidy so that you can make everything easily. Today prettydesigns will offer you 10 DIY projects for your office or home office. We don’t think that you will miss it fo

10 DIY Photo Frames with Pallets

10 DIY Photo Frames with Pallets

Have you got some old pallets at home? If you say yes, please collect them and make them clean. There are ways to redecorate the old pallets. Prettydesign will provide you with many a photo frame idea with pallet in today’s post. It’s a very good idea to c

Striped Mason Jars

15 Interesting DIY Mason Jar Tutorials

Mason jars are being a best place to store your accessories, makeup and nail polishes. You can put them anywhere you want. In the bathroom, the Mason jar will be able to create a dry and clean place for your cotton tips and cotton pads. You can store almost an

DIY Bracelet Organization

18 Great DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

To achieve a fabulous look, we will need many different accessories like jewelries, necklaces and bracelets to embellish our outfit. But do you have a good place to arrange them? Can you find out your favorite earrings when you need it? If the answer is no, th

10 Ways to Redecorate Old Dressers

10 Ways to Redecorate Old Dressers

Last week, I cleaned up  my house and found an old dresser which needed redecorating. Then I brought something decorative to refashion the dresser. Though I am not a good painting, I change a bright color to my dresser and it looks new again. Today I want to

Wine Bottle Hanging Lanterns

10 DIY Bottle Light Ideas

You find that there are many old wine bottles at home. Please wait before you throw them away! Collect all these old bottles and create some bottle light for your home. If you happen to be a DIY lover, you will love today’s title called 10 DIY Bottle Light I