19 Fabulous Looks For The Mother Of The Bride

The Mother of the Bride holds one of the most important jobs of the wedding. She is the one that helps you plan, she takes the brunt of any chaos that may go on (so that you may not have to deal with it), and she acts as your rock through this time (as she ha

20 Pretty Ways to Wear Khaki Outfit

Girls seem like Khaki clothing for fall and winter. They always pair their fall looks or winter looks with blazers, pants, dresses or skirts in Khaki. Today’s post is going to show you 20 styles to glam a great Khaki look for the coming season. Don’t be af

19 Outfit Ideas to Wear Your Knit Dresses

When it is getting cooler, it requires different closet for the coming season? Besides the sweaters, the knit dress is another staple in fall or in winter for every girl. There are ideas for you to glam an outfit with your knit dresses in the post. You will fi

23 Backless Dresses for a Sexy Look

How to glam a sexy look for summer? The backless dress would be your best choice. They come from different styles and vivid colors to upgrade your summer wardrobe. They can be worn by you for many occasions, like parties or out-goings. To pair a pretty look wi

Nude elegant lace dress and nude heels

Delicate Lace Dress Trends for Women

I believe there’s not a girl would not like a piece of solid white lace dress in the world. It allows us to maintain the innocent princess dream out from the fairy tales. We’d never forget its exquisite embroidery technique especially when applied on the f

Black Slip Dress

21 Ways to Style Your Slip Dresses

There are so many stylish trends that will hit the year and slip dresses are definitely one of them. This kind of dress looks very simple and chic in summer. They also make a perfect choice for us to do some layering. You will only need to top it off with a bl

Bell Sleeve Top

16 Stylish Ways to Wear Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are gonna be one of the hottest fashion trends this season. We need to recognize that they will remind us of the chic 70’s style. Many fashion bloggers have already pulled off this trend successfully and made some very trendy and fabulous combin