Atlanta Braves Baseball Nails

15 Sporty Baseball Nail Designs

Are there any girls who would love to watch the baseball game? Have you ever seen the baseball nail designs before? For those big fans, I’d suggest that you paint the baseball on your nails. Thus, you will be able to appreciate the baseball cap, gloves and b

Trendy Fishnet Nail Design

20 Alluring Fishnet Nail Designs

Fishnet nails look very sexy and sophisticated for women. I bet nobody can resist the temptation of fishnet stockings. So now, we’d like provide you with a flattering way to wear them on your nails. Most of time, we’d like to make fishnet nails with so

Pink and White Bow Nails

17 Cute Bow Nail Designs

Girls always love bows and they‘d like to wear them in clothes, hairstyles or nails. It looks very sweet and lovely to have bow nails for those little girls who like wearing dresses. Women can wear bow nails too and they will make you look soft and feminine.

Cute Nail Art

15 Easy Nail Tutorials with Scotch Tape

Hey, girls! Today prettydesigns is going to provide you with some super easy nail tutorials. Whether you are a good drawer or a beginner for the manicure, you can have these tutorials and make a beautiful nail art. Sometimes small things can change everything.

Glittery Halloween Nail Design

25 Horrifying Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween is coming soon! Are you being fully prepared for this interesting holiday? I bet you must feel very excited about it. Apart from the makeup and costume, a right nail design also plays an important part for that day. It will be a great idea to wear pu

Camouflage Nail Design with Stripes

13 Pretty Camouflage Nail Designs

Have you ever imagined painting the camouflage on your nails? It will definitely look pretty cool for those girls who love outdoor activities. The camo nails are surely to earn you plenty of head turns on street and you can pair them with all your casual outfi

Black and White Nail Design

21 Trendy Nail Art Designs

Maybe you have been informed of the latest fashion trends of hairstyles, dresses and clothes. But do you know what kind of nail design gonna be the most popular for the new season? Pretty nails are also being very essential and can make your outfit look more g

15 Fantastic Nail Tutorials You Must Try

15 Fantastic Nail Tutorials You Must Try

Do you want a new nail art for a new season? If your answer is yes, you will not miss the post. Today’s post is all about the nails. Prettydesigns have picked up some fantastic nail tutorials to you. We don’t think that you will miss them. In the post, you

15 Super Easy Nail Design Ideas for Short Nails

37 Super Easy Nail Design Ideas for Short Nails

It’s not easy for you to make an ultra-pretty nail art because you have short nails? Don’t worry. In today’s post, prettydesigns continues to bring you some nail tricks. Though you have short nails, you can still make your own nail designs for next event

Amazing Nail Art Design with Stripes and Dots

20 Creative Manicure Ideas

Nail art designs can help us to create a unique and special look. Yellow, coral, pink, green and mint are the mostly used colors in our daily life. You can style strips, dots, flowers, heart shapes or some other fabulous patterns you like. The will animal prin

Geometric French Tips Nail Tutorial

20 Great Nail Art Designs with Tutorials

Do you want to have interesting nails for the new season? We’d like to provide you some suggestions in this post. You will find nails of every color, pattern and style here. All of them are being able to make a fabulous look. It is also a great idea to kill

Americal Flag Inspired Nails

14 Amazing American Flag Inspired Nails

The American flag inspired nails are a best option for girls when you are tired of those pretty nail designs. Besides, you will find it much interesting and fun to paint the United States flag on your nails. To create that fabulous look, you should prepare whi

Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

66 Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

Looking for new nail art ideas for your short nails recently? These are awesome designs you can realistically accomplish–or at least ideas you can modify for your own nails! Chic and fun nail art aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee

Black and Gold Nail Design for Short Nails

18 Great Nail Designs for Short Nails

Do you want to have pretty nails for the season? Don’t worry. The short nails can also look glamorous like long nails. Today, we’d like provide you with 18 great nail designs for short nail in this post. All of them will look very fabulous and are very eas

Cute Summer Nail Art Design

15 Cute Summer Nail Art Ideas for 2016

The nail art design plays a very important part to our whole look. As we all know, different bright colors and patterns have made it very easy to beautify our nails. It will look more beautiful if you add some glitters into your nail art design. When it comes