Black Leather Jacket and Culottes

20 Ways to Wear Culottes This Season

Have you already got tired of your broken jeans and skirts? Do you want to try something new? Culottes have become one of the main fashion trends for women this season and you should really give them a shot. Besides, they can easily go along with many differen

Ribbon Platform Shoes

20 Trendy and Chic Platform Shoes for 2017

Platforms are a best choice for women to gain a few more inches while still remaining comfortable. They are available in a wide range of colors, prints and designs on the net and can provide us with a great alternate to high heels when you are attending a less

20 Cute Outfit Ideas with Black Dresses

A black dress is every girl’s staple. It’s versatile as well as pretty for many occasions. You’d better prepare at least one black dress to complete your seasonal closets. You can wear a simple dress in summer while you can pair it with a short coat in f

Parka Outfit

17 Ways to Style Your Parka Outfits

Hey, girls! Do you need a stylish piece yet will still keep you warm in cold winter days? Well, I should say you are in the right place. Just like jumpers, the parker jacket is also being an essential part for every woman’s wardrobe. You can easily find one

16 Olivia Palermo’s Styles with Cage Shoes

Olivia Palermo always shows her charm on the screen and off the screen. Her styles can give you some inspiration for your looks. Today we will pick up some of Olivia Palermo’s pretty looks with cage shoes. You can check out ways to glam your cage shoes inspi

Daisy Street Court heels, $63

10 Must-Have Black Heels for Your Wardrobe

Do you have a pair of black heels in your wardrobe or just want to buy a new pair? You should not get over this post as it will provide you with a list of super classic shoes to complete your outfit. Just like the LBD, black heels can give you an appropriate l

Pinterest's Hottest White Sneakers

10 White Sneakers You Must Have This Season

There’s no doubt that white sneakers are one of the most popular items in fashion trends. You can always see them everywhere on street. If you are a lover of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, then today I’d like to provide you with some good alternatives. Some o

Faux Fur Coat for Your Holiday Look

23 Chic Ways to Wear Faux Fur Coats

We all have to admit that the faux fur trend has come back for us this winter. And I should say it is quite well. Faux fur coats should be a must-have piece for every woman’s winter wardrobe. They can make an ultra classy and luxury look whilst keeping you w

Rose Quartz Tulle Skirt

15 Ways to Wear the Colors of the Year 2016

For the very first time, Pantone has chosen two colors – serenity and rose quartz to mark the year 2016. Both of them are soft, pastel colors and can reflect peace and wellness for people. The new trend has changed the way how people view colors and will

Blue Turtleneck Dress

20 Chic Ways to Style Your Turtlenecks

Do you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends this season? Well, I should say it’s high time for you to update your wardrobe with a turtleneck. It could be black, white, purple, orange or any other color you like. Maybe you’ve already seen their fa

Over the Knee Boots

12 Trendy Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Have you found a pair of boots to complete your outfit? I bet over the knee boots should be the trendiest choice for girls this season. They look super cool and stylish and will be very comfy to wear. You can find them in every color and design on the net. Che

Style, Beauty, Summer Time

Style, Beauty

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Thom Browne Flower Outfits

Four Fashionable Wearing Trends for Spring 2015

Each season has its own fashion trends although there are always some classic elements. Fashionistas are always stay in front of fashion and they wouldn’t fall behind the trends. As the professional fashion designer for all the faddish women, we have to let

Floral Shorts and Wedges

Pretty Summer Styles with Wedges

Don’t you love to pair your summer look with a pair of wedges? We don’t think that you will resist the beauty and comfort of the wedges. Yes. When girls wear wedges, they look more feminine and ultra-pretty. So it’s nice for girls to glam a pair of wedge