2014 Fashion Trends: The Feathers

Latest Fashion and Color Trends in 2014

Hey, my dear friends and fashion divas! As we have already stepped into a brand new year, do you know what the new trends will be in this year? Perhaps, you don’t have enough time to collect the latest fashion information. That does not matter! There is one

Wearing the Trendy Red: Alexander McQueen

Red Outfits: Voguish Trend in 2014

From the new season fashion shows, we get the conclusion that red will be a stunning trend in the Spring 2014 wearing fashion. Whatever you wear, add something red to your look. It will definitely upgrade your appearance. However, not all red clothes or dresse

Trendy Gold Eyes Makeup Ideas for 2014

Top 10 Super Trendy Gold Eyes Makeup Ideas for 2014

Today I want to show you a super stylish eye makeup. That is the gold eye makeup. The metallic elements are quite trendy this year. Therefore, the gold eyes are the best accessories to go with your voguish overall look. You don’t need to spend time wonde

Creative Makeup Tutorials: Stunning Brows

10 Makeup Tutorials with Beauty Tricks

Why are there so many beauties? Why do other women always look so gorgeous? Why do they look flawless everywhere? You will find the answers in this post. We will tell you 10 makeup tricks to keep you in a perfect state anywhere and anytime. Before reading the

Voguish Work Clothes for Office Ladies

31 Voguish Combination Ideas for Work

Hey, divas. Are you fed up with the black or gray suits from Monday to Friday? Actually, you can be a faddish office lady if that is a strict rule in your office to wear the suits in black or gray. Of course, the overall look should be formal, yet the formal l

Aztec Style Winter Combinations

12 Aztec Style Winter Combinations

You must have a deep impression of the hottest summer trends of the Aztec prints. To tell the truth, they are still a stunning fashion in winter. The Aztec prints are also quite popular in the fashion world. The strong geometrical figures in bold colors and th

3 Types Of Makeup Palettes That You should Own: Multicolored Palette

3 Kinds Of Makeup Palettes That You should Own

Women like to go for different looks with stunning makeups. To achieve this goal, you must need the help of the makeup palettes. Most of the time, they will create an ideal look for you as you choose different one for various occasions. In this post, you will

Adorable Hairstyle Tutorials: Knotted Ponytail

11 Adorable Hairstyle Tutorials

Women with long hair all want to be gorgeous with their own pretty hairstyles, because some beautiful hairstyles are only the priorities of the long hair. While most of women have to choose a simple and formal hairstyle for work, they still want extra hairstyl

Smoky Eyes Makeup Tutorials: Black and Blue

14 Stylish Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials

The smoky makeup is popular with women throughout the world. It is sexy and trendy with some dark colors such as black, gray or golden. It can also be sweet and alluring with the light colors such as pink and purple. In addition, it is elegant and decent with

Stunning Make Up Ideas

10 Stunning Makeup Ideas for Attractive Eyes

The eye makeup is always the focus of the overall makeup. There is no limit of imaginations in the art of makeup. The smudge of eye shadows, the extensions of eyeliners and the overlapped colorful shades all make great differences to the final visual effect. I