15 DIY Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated by couples, but also by everyone. Even children can make something beautiful and sweet to show their love for parents. Today’s post is going to offer some DIY ideas for everyone to make Valentine’s gift for their be

15 DIY Tutorials for Making Gift Wrappers

DIY lovers, you are lucky to find out today’s post. Since Christmas is coming, amounts of gift boxes or bags are needed to carry the presents. How to make a gift box or a gift bag easily? The post will show you some useful tutorials. As a DIY lover, you won

20 Hanging Planter Ideas for Home

20 Hanging Planter Ideas for Home

There is not enough space for some pretty planters at home? Don’t worry. Hanging planter ideas can help you out. Hanging small planters is one of the creative ways to save the space for your home. It is one of the pretty decorations for your place as well. T

Deer Head

15 Ideas to Make String Arts

Can a string create something stylish and cool? The answer must be yes. Even a simple string can make a perfect art if you learn some tricks about it. Don’t you believe that? Today prettydesigns will give you some string art ideas to check out. Browse throug

15 Ways to Make DIY Hair Conditioning Treatment

15 Ways to Make DIY Hair Conditioning Treatment

Prettydesigns has offered you some useful tips to get beautiful long hair. Today, we continue to give you other tips for the hair maintaince. We don’t think you will miss the post! The post is all about DIY projections. They are going to tell you how to make

Cat Plant Holders

20 DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

It is long time since you finished your last DIY projects? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. The post will stimulate you to get your hands busy again. Why not check out the post first and take a lazy summer afternoon to DIY these funny projects

26 Amazing DIY Summer Hair Accessories

BEADED HAIR ELASTICS DIY DIY Bejeweled Hair Combs – Love Maegan DIY Wordy Hair Pins – Whimsey Box The Lauren Leather Headband Tutorial – Ruffles and Stuff DIY Fancy Headbands – A Beautiful Mess Fabric Flower Hair Accessory – Simply Vintage G

Jute Wrapped Bottles

17 Creative DIY Vases to Hold Flowers

Spring is all aroud us. We continue to give you some ideas to beautify your home and make a better living place. Today’s post will provide you with some DIY vases ideas to hold spring flowers. If you are a DIY lover, you will not miss the post. The post will

52 Reasons Why I Like You

15 Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is coming! Have you prepared the gift for him? If not, don’t worry. You still have some time to think about what gifts you are going to give him. How about giving your DIY gifts? There are 15 ideas for you to make him a gift. A DIY gift cos

Jar Lanterns

20 Ways to Recreate the Bottles

You think that the old bottles can be only used to store the jams again. Then you are wrong. Bottles and jars will be turned into many useful things that maybe you haven’t thought before. Why not check the DIY crafts out here and make your old jars useful. W