Engagement Party 101: Hawaiian Luau Party

Engagement Party 101: Hawaiian Luau Party

If you are planning to have your engagement party in the summer time, then there i no better theme for you than the Hawaiian Luau! From the laid back vibe, cool music, and sweet sweet pineapple, this theme is an amazing way to celebrate your engagement!

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The Theme

This theme is all about the Hawaiian Luau! A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party that is used to celebrate big or special events! So what better way to celebrate your engagement than this theme? The Luau also typically involves some sort of entertainment, whether it be live music, dancing, the fire breathers, or all of thee above!

The Colors

While a Luau can be just about any color you can think of, for this party, I would stick to bright colors! You want to keep the environment as lively and upbeat as possible, so with the brightness of the colors, it will truly make the party come to life!

I love the colors of this inspiration board:



With the blues, pinks, oranges, yellows and greens, you can’t go wrong with this color scheme!

The Menu

The menu is one of my favorite parts of the planning process, mainly because I love food! With the Hawaiian Luau theme I would stick to a lot of pineapple in the mix! Pineapple will bring a sweet flavor, and makes a great combination for any meat you can think of!


(find recipe and image here:

These Pineapple BBQ meatballs will be a HIT at your Luau party! They are both sweet (from the pineapple) and savory (from the meatball). One these little skewer stick, they are also really easy to eat!


(image and recipe here:

Another option for your meat and pineapple combo, are these chicken pineapple skewers! They are cooked on the grill which give them that nice char. If you are feeling a little more dangerous, and want to add a more salty element, throw some bacon on these skewers as well!



This Cheesy dip made in to the shape of a pineapple is just amazing! If you are having a Luau theme, then you definitely need to make this! I would almost be too afraid to eat it though, because of how cute it is!

Of course a fruit tray is always an option! Get lots of fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, watermelons, and lots of PINEAPPLE! Also, save the rind of the pineapple after you de-core it for a DIY project later!

and for dessert…


(Click here for photo and recipe )

Say hello to the Pina Colada Cupcake! This delicious little thing is different from your average cupcake, but so perfect for the Luau theme! With the pineapple cake, the coconut creme as the icing, and the cherry on top? My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I love the simple, blue cupcake liners that go perfectly with the theme. Also the Pineapple slice and umbrella are just adorable as decoration!

The Invitations



Say Aloha to guests with simple, but totally tiki Luau engagement party invites include lots of color in to your invite, the Hawaiian flowers, and of course, a pineapple!

If you want your engagement party to be one where everyone dresses in grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts, be sure to state that here on the invite! Or you could always send out an email or something later to remind everyone!

The Games

Let the games begin! With this Luau theme there are a couple of contest type games that you could play in order to entertain your guests, while also giving out some fun prizes!

The Limbo contest and the Hula hoop contest would be perfect Luau theme games to play at your engagement party!

Set up a limbo stick, crank up some tunes and announce that the winner of the contest will win an awesome prize! Don’t forget to get in on the action yourself though!

For the Hula hoop contest. bring out two hula hoops and do it tournament style! One on one battles until only one person is left undefeated!




For the Luau theme, you can never have too many grass skirts! They can go ANYWHERE! The best part is, around summer time, you can buy these skirts at the dollar store! So don’y forget to check out your local dollar store to see what you can find!

You can wrap these skirts around tables, trash cans, tiki bars, people, the possibilities are endless!



Another thing you can never have too much of at a Luau party are the Leis! They are colorful, floral and so much fun!



The tiki bar will be the focal point of your Luau party! It does not have to be much to be completely awesome!

You can choose to go all out (and follow the steps in the DIY I will post below), or you can keep it simple with some grass skirts taped around a table! Just dress it up with leis, tiki heads, and lots of colors!

DIY Projects

I found three awesome DIY projects that will take your Luau party to the next level!



Now you see why I told you to save the pineapple shell after it has been decored! That is because with this tutorial, it can be turned in to the perfect centerpieces for your Luau engagement party! For step by step instructions, click here



For every party I throw, I think: How can I make this party more colorful for pretty cheap?

With the Mexican Fiesta theme, it was the streamer wall. And for this Luau party theme, I think the Balloon arch would be such a fun and easy way to add so much color! For instructions on how to do this, click right here!

and finally…


Click Here For Image And Step By Step Instructions

With this tutorial, it makes having a tiki bar much more simple! All you need is a lot of grass skirts, some cardboard, and something to attach it too! I have also seen some tutorials where people use PVC pipe to make the tiki bar top!

Doesn’t this theme look like fun? 

If you have any questions on how to do any of these things or maybe you have a theme but need some help with ideas, comment down below, or tweet them to me @kaleigh_blogs.

If you want even more ideas on how to throw a Luau party, click here to head over to my pinterest page where I have a whole board on the Luau party! Make sure to follow me there as well, as I update all the boards on a regular basis (as I find cute inspiration that it)

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