20 Fabulous Long Pixie Haircuts – Nothing but Pixie Cuts!

Are you in need of some short hair ideas? Not sure about long pixie cuts? Going from long hair to short can be a bit of a struggle, whether it be fear of the length or simply not knowing how to go about short hair and how to style it. Long pixie cuts are great because they’re short, but they’re not super short that you can’t do anything with them. Here are the latest most popular short hair ideas, specifically for long pixie cuts.

Not your Typical Pixie Part Two

This is another take on a pixie cut with more of a bob-like appearance. This one has a lot more choppy and small layers with a long fringe, so it looks like a much thinner and more edgy haircut.

cute layered long pixie cut

Glam Curly Updo

You don’t see this happen a lot, but you can glam up a pixie cut and give it a ton of sparkle. Curl the long part of the pixie as curls are often linked to red carpet like events, but before doing that, make sure to have a bit of hair sectioned off so you can twist it and keep it in place with a bobby pin. For added sparkle, grab a fancy hairclip with lots of diamonds on it. This is the perfect glam hair for red carpet, fancy dinner, or prom. Here are more pixie cuts with curls/waves.

long curly pixie cut

Pastel Blonde

Jazz up your platinum blonde hair with a pastel color on the ends. You can choose your favorite color to make it the best style you’ve had. If you’re indecisive, try a pastel purple as shown in the picture.


long pixie cut with long bangs

No Fuss Pixie

Here is a simple pixie that requires no fuss in the morning. It’s very short, no frills, and most of the layers are nearly one length so you probably won’t see a lot of flyaways. The most you would need is a little bit of gel just to keep everything flat and seek and the style is ready to go.

simple easy short haircut - pixie cut with long bangs

Multi Color Pixie Two Ways

When you have side bangs with your pixie cut, you can style it in more than one way. You can leave them where they are on the side for a simple look. Nothing too fancy. However, you can also make it edgy by combing your bangs back and making a little poof. The side swept look is great for everyday and the poof is great for special occasions.

two toned long pixie cut with colored bangs

Soft Curls

Be super girly with your hair by adding some soft curls. You won’t need any heat with this so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a curling iron burning your skin with your hair being so short. Adding a little curling creme can go a long way when adding little waves.

long curly pixie hairstyle with bangs

Stacked Pixie

Like a stacked bob, there are short layers that are spiked up at the back of the head. When your hair is feeling a little thin or flat, this is a great way to spruce it up and make it look as if you do have a thick head of hair. Pairing with an undercut gives off the illusion even more.


simple easy long ombre pixie cut

Pink & Blonde

Long pixie cuts look great with two toned hair. A bold color combination like pink and blonde give this cut a lot of spunk and edge and is perfect for outgoing people who love expressing themselves with their look.

longer pixie cut with long bangs - pink red yellow color

Layered Pixie With undercut

Add some textured contrast to your pixie cut by having an undercut with very short layers in the back that get longer as they come to the front. The undercut will really make the layers stand out.

side view of short blonde pixie cut

Blonde Spikes

Layered short haircut for women: Half the fun in having long pixie cuts is being able to spike the layers. What makes these spikes even better is the light colour that contrasts the dark base. This makes it look as if a fire is on the hair without actually being on fire, thankfully.

layered short ombre pixie cut - hair color ideas

Side Shaved Pixie

Shaving a little section of the side of the head has been a huge trend in the past few years. This looks great with a pixie cut that has long bangs as it looks like a more complex cut. The swoopy bangs with the warm golden chunky lights glam this look up so it’s perfect for any fancy event.

long pixie cut with bangs

Pretty Little Pixie

This extremely layered pixie is such an effortless cut to style. All you really need is a little bit of hair wax or paste to give definition to the layers and you’re done.


long pixie cut for short hair

Shaved Pixie

Give this pixie hair cut all the attention on the top. The rest of the head is shaved down to a buzz cut so that all you really see is the long hair at the top, something that has been a top trend for a long time. This can be achieved by combing over the hair to one side and adding either gel or hairspray to keep it in place.

edgy long pixie cut

From Long Blonde To Short Silver

Sometimes, it’s best to make a huge hair change in your life. It’s time to ditch the neutral life and replace it with this striking silver pixie. The layers make the hair so light and refreshing. This is a huge step up from the previous style.


short blonde pixie cut for fine thin hair

Straight And Curly Two Toned Pixie

Short hair ideas can also be given to the younger girls! This look has so many good things in one haircut. One side is short and straight so there’s not too much to talk about that, but that’s good because it focuses on all the magic that is on the other side. The long length gives room for perfect curls that make this look so fun to wear. The added blonde to the fringe is a huge bonus.

cute long curly pixie cut with bangs for girls

Shaggy Pixie

This shaggy pixie is something that Katherine Moennig would wear on a season of The L Word. The messy look gives it a carefree feel and can be easily achieved with a little bit of mousse or styling creme and quick ruffle with hands.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Not Your Typical Pixie

This pixie takes a more bob-like approach which is good for those that aren’t quite ready to get a traditionally cut pixie. The length that this cut is will help you gradually cut more and more of your hair and be used to the short length.

long pixie cut with bangs for medium thick hair

Asymmetrical Shaved Pixie

Talk about edgy. This style has so many components to it that make it one of the edgiest pixie styles out there. The asymmetrical look with the partially shaved undercut bring the best of both worlds. Behind the shaved cut, leaving a bit of hair that’s just an inch or so long can help soften the look, but you can bring it back to its edgiest simply by gelling the hair back.

messy long asymmetrical pixie cut

Stacked Fuchsia Pixie

Let your inner punk out and let it shine on the outside. A bright neon colour is the perfect thing to really go wild with your hair. This is a beautiful fuchsia colour that is a great one to start with.


long pixie cut - redhead -red hair color

Ruby Rose Inspired

Ruby Rose has taken the world by storm ever since being on the hit show “Orange is the New Black”. When people wanted short hair ideas, they went to this new short hair icon. Many people have wanted to copy her hairstyles ever since seeing her on the show. It can be easily achieved by sweeping more than on one side and giving it choppy layers.

long pixie cut for short hair

Thin Wispy Pixie

For those with really thin hair, don’t fret. There is a style that works for you. This style with super long hair in the front works really well with an undercut in the back and a bit of mousse or hairspray under the hair to give it to some volume.

cute long pixie haircut with long bangs

Here are the 21 short hair ideas for long pixie cuts from simple, edgy, and glamorous. You will have inspiration for your minimalist side, your fierce side, and your fancy side. Don’t forget about the possibility of adding some fun color to your hair!

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