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19 Cute Wavy & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair

Shorter hair on women is becoming more and more popular, but what if you’re someone who has been wanting to try short hair and is too scared of it looking bad on you? Or what if you’ve just gotten it cut, but aren’t sure what to do with it? Don’t fret! We’re here to help you out. Here are some great pixie haircuts for short hair to help ease your mind!

1. Fiery Tight Curls Pixie Cut

African American short curly haircut – the curly pixie! Yes, despite what you think, you can make tight curls happen with short hair. Make it even edgier by dyeing the top red (or any colour you prefer, really). Help keep the curls intact with some hairspray!

short ombre curly pixie haircut for black women

2. Teased Top Pixie Cut

Curly haircut for black women: If you can’t get your curls as tight as the previous style or if you’re wanting something less curly, try some waves on the sides instead and leave the curls on top! Keep the sides slick and intact with some hair gel or wax. Channel your inner Halle Berry with this look.

African American short ombre curly pixie cut

3. Side Swept Pixie Cut

If you have straight hair, you can try a regular short pixie cut with a bit of a twist: side swept hair with a bit of a poof. The extra layers give a little more volume and lift. Make sure you use hairspray to keep the style intact!

easy daily haircut - long pixie cut for women

4. Faux Hawk Pixie Cut

Be extra daring with your look by adding a faux hawk to go with your pixie cut! Curl the hair instead of leaving it straight for a more interesting look. Otherwise, apply some texturizing wax by simply running your fingers through your hair for lift and volume.

short black curly pixie haircut for black women

5. Caramel Colored Short Wavy Pixie Cut

This pixie cut is actually very similar to the style in the second picture, but with a few differences. The color is different, so if you’re not feeling a sharp colour like black, opt for a softer, more romantic color like this caramel brown. This is more of a mini faux hawk compared to the previous hairstyle which works perfectly when your hair is still in that awkward phase where you’re trying to grow it out.

layered curly pixie cut for black women

6. Flirty Feminine Curly Pixie Cut

If you want a combination of straight and curly hair, this is a perfect way to do it! Leave one side straight and wispy while curling the rest of your hair on top and on the other side. This is perfect for a date! Make sure to give the curls some texture with some curling cream.

short curly pixie cut

7. This Girl is on Fire Curly Pixie Cut

Instead of curling your entire head, switch things up a little bit–grow your fringe out and curl it! Let the back be natural and effortless without adding a lot of work to it. Let all the attention be on those luscious curls that frame your face ever so perfectly.

short red curly pixie hairstyle

8. Thin, Wispy Layers

This is a beautiful look that takes very little work to do. It’s perfect “I just got out of bed and hardly did anything to my hair” hair. You know, the fresh-out-of-bed look so many sexy vixens rock. Just put in a little texturizing cream to give your layers a bit of definition and you’re good to go.

cute short wavy curly pixie cut

9. All Curls Pixie Cut

This is for those of you with short hair that don’t have the sides shaved or anything fancy. You don’t need to perfectly straight hair to have a pixie cut! If you have naturally bold curls like these, just give them a little bit of curl cream for definition and bounce and head out of the door. You don’t need to spend so much time in the morning fussing over your hair!

short black curly pixie cuts

10. Mid-Growth Pixie Cut

This is for you curly headed gals currently working on growing out a pixie cut. The flicked ends are cute and fun and gives off a youthful and refreshing look – all you have to do is run some gel or wax through your hair!

short curly pixie cut for round faces

11. Loose Curls Pixie Cut

Short haircut for 2016: This look is very similar to number six, but instead of having tighter curls, these are very loose curls, more like waves. This gives a messier and more carefree look over the very put together look that the tighter curls give. You could go from the previous look to this just by running your fingers through your hair!

cute curly pixie haircut

12. Dark Auburn Curly Pixie Cut

If you’re living in the area where it’s the colder seasons, change your pixie cut up with a new color! In colder seasons, darker hair colors are usually in. If you’re usually blonde or a light brunette, try going with a red or dark brown instead.

short messy curly wavy pixie haircut

13. Messy Curls Pixie Cut

This hair style is incredibly low maintenance–roll out of bed, shower, run some products through your locks and head out the door. Put in a little mousse to keep the frizz at bay and grab a cup of coffee on your way to the office!

short curly haircuts

14. Mini Bob or Pixie Cut

Is it a mini mini bob or a pixie cut? Whichever it is, this is a romantic twist on a pixie cut with luscious curls and waves all over your face. The dark brown colour is perfect to suit the colder months. Find the right medium where you have enough volume to give your hair body without looking like you’ve got on an afro!

short black curly pixie cut

15. Fiery Ombre Faux Hawk

If you liked the look of the first style on this post, you’ll probably like this one! They’re nearly the same except this one has more colour on top. If you’re not afraid of a little colour, consider going with this one. Bring out the fierce in you with a nice, flame ombre.

Curly, Messy and Spiky Pixie Hairstyle

16. Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

This is a style for the extra daring! The others were short, but this one is for those of you that want to take the extra step and shave the sides and a little bit off the top. This will bring all the attention to the curls and your faux hawk. Want a bit more fun? Dye your tips a fun colour!

soft curly pixie cut

17. Woodlands Tinkerbell Pixie Cut

Doesn’t this one remind you of Tinkerbell just a little bit? This is a very simple and cute pixie haircut for short hair. It would require minimal effort in the morning. And if you’re still not feeling it, just slip on a cute headband. Any headband makes a hairstyle look more put together without really trying!

romantic pixie cut with bangs and headband

18. Dark Purple Pixie Cut

You’ve gone through all the natural hair colours: blonde, brown, black. Now what are you going to do? Go with something bolder! If you’re too uncomfortable with pink, blue, green, etc., consider going with a purple. It’s a bolder colour, but is easily toned down and super gorgeous. Still nervous? Go with a really dark shade.

layered pixie cut for black women

19. Simple Curls and Waves

For women of colour planning on a fancy dinner with your partner this weekend, try this elegant looking hairstyle. Minimum frizz, very slick, chic and will go perfectly with that gorgeous dress you bought just for this weekend.

short curly pixie cut for black women

These are your nineteen ideas for pixie cuts for short hair. As you can see, you don’t have to be afraid of chopping off your locks! There are many, many ways to find a cut that suits your style, face, and lifestyle. If you only have five minutes in the morning or a couple of hours to do your hair, there is a pixie cut for your short hair for every time frame.

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