Pixie Short Haircuts

20 Pixie Cuts for Short Hair You’ll Want to Copy!

Having a pixie cut can be revitalizing for your style. If you’ve had long hair in the past, the pixie cut is more like a breeze in the park. It refreshes you, and also brings a new hairstyle that you can admire and rock confidently.

While the pixie style can appear simple at most times, there are new versatile ideas that you can try every now and then. Stay on trend and see the new styles for yourself!

1.Classic Pixie with a Blonde Touch

If you’re trying out the pixie cuts for the first time, you can go for this classic variation. There’s not much fancy stuff going on here–just a feathered out top for volume–yet the beauty of the style is still captured and even enhanced with blonde color. Choose this style for ‘office professional’ look with a hint of edge.

layered pixie cut for short hair

2. Short and Classy Black Cut

The pixie cut is already short to begin with. Getting it shorter can be a tough decision because it might totally alter your look. Once done right, however, a short and classy cut can make you look years younger. Black is a fine choice that evokes elegance and natural calm–a la Audrey Hepburn.

simple easy daily short haircut - pixie cut

3. Teal and Techno Pixie

Do you feel a little bit rebellious or out of ordinary? Then this ‘Teal and Techno’ cut is meant for you. The bangs scale sharply downward, creating a strong look and the teal color increases the mysterious effect. If you’re planning to go to a concert or want to look extra edgy, you’ll definitely fit in well with this style.

side view of short black pixie cut

4. Wavy Brown Bangs

At first glance, wavy hair and a pixie cut are not a suitable combination. However, that perception has already changed. The waviness of the hair gives you a younger aura, emulating joy, while the pixie style itself evokes the strength of personality. You can definitely charm people around you with this style.

short messy pixie cut for women

5. Layered Pixie with a Scarlet Touch

With this style, you’ll have the ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look which is very irresistible for most men. If ever you choose this style, you must be extra careful in maintaining it. Usage of harsh chemicals may damage the color – red is the quickest dye to fade! If you’re a natural redhead, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

side view of redhead - short messy pixie cut with bangs

6. Sleek Brushed Back Mohawk

Mohawks are unconventional style choices for women since they evoke the strength and personality of men. If you don’t want to go ‘full-Mohawk,’ you can try out this variation of the pixie hairstyle. It’s incredibly sleek and clean, since the strands of your hair are combed neatly backwards.

formal short pixie haircut

7. Ice Queen Offshoot Layered Pixie Cut

Are you planning to dazzle everyone in the party? Then it’s time to consider getting this haircut. The black and white combination of the hair creates a smooth-flowing effect. The off-shooting layers will frame your face perfectly. Style with gel or wax.

two tone pixie haircut for short hair

8. Lavender and Silver Elegance

This simple pixie haircut variation is definitely a stunner. The design is simple, yet the patch of violet intersperses with old on-trend silver-grey, creating a beautiful look. This style is excellent for ladies with oblong-shaped faces.

longger pixie cut with long bangs - gray hair color ideas

9. Violet Pixie Cut with Shaved Designs at the Nape

This style is rebellious enough that it almost went out of the pixie haircut category. Yet it’s still considered one because it’s shorter than bobs and other styles imaginable. This funky look is perfect for rock concert events and artistic displays. You’ll have an electrifying aura just by getting this haircut.

short haircut designs - spiked pixie cut

10. Flexible Pixie Cut in Ash Brown

If you want a versatile hairstyle that can be changed in a jiffy, this is the one for you. Since it’s a pixie, you can comb your hair in numerous directions and style until you’re pleased. The ash brown color highlights the relaxing appeal of the style.

layered short pixie haircut for thick hair

11. Elegant Wavy Black Pixie

Simplicity is a dream-like beauty. If you prefer wavy styles without having too much hair length, this cut works like a charm. You can pair it with a fine-looking dress, better suited for cocktail parties. Keep the locks in front longer–for a bit more dramatic flair.

simple messy short pixie cut for women

12. Dreamy Violet and Blue Ombre

This short haircut resembles the true spirit of millennials, since it’s sleek, simple, yet poses extravagance in terms of beauty. Not too rebellious, Dreamy Violet is still short enough and manageable, and you can also win the respect of your peers. Maintenance of this hairstyle is challenging as you need to keep dyeing it to maintain the color.

layered ombre pixie cut with long bangs

13. Platinum Blonde Short Pixie

Easy daily hairstyle for short hair: If you’re looking for a haircut that can make you look strong and independent, you can go for all-blonde Pixie. This style can be maintained easily, since there are no fancy effects or extra layers. However, it takes some courage to go this short!

Bleached pixie cut

14. Boyish Pixie Cut

Daily hairstyle ideas: Versatility and convenience are the two factors which made the pixie cut popular. In this style, you have several combing options to choose from. You can comb the hair back for a relaxed feel, or you can focus on combing it in front to look more classy and serious.

Short Pixie Cut

15. Platinum Blonde Asymmetrical Pixie

Nowadays, choosing platinum blonde as a hair color is becoming the norm for women. In this style, you’ll notice that the fringe portion of the hair evokes a sexy feel. Match it with a simply elegant dress and you’ll feel the immediate rise in confidence!

short blonde pixie cut with long bangs

16. Layered Blonde

Short haircut for women over 50: Getting all layered with a pixie cut can be challenging—it may appear messy at times. However, once done right, the cut will achieve a nice effect and you can even pair it with a fabulous or colorful dress.

layered short pixie cut for older women over 60

17. Neat and Fiery Dark-Orange

Combed back on one side neatly, this sleek pixie-type hairstyle can help you ‘wow’ the crowd. The dark-orange tinge creates a sophisticated effect which, somehow, combines artistry and professionalism. Make sure you find someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to color!

short ombre pixie cut with bangs

18. Updated Pixie Cut for Older Women

Latest popular haircut for women over 50: Gray-colored pixie cuts are considered old-looking by many people. Times are changing now, and it pays to be experimental. A plain pixie cut makes you look independent, and the type of color creates a different effect. In this case, gray makes you look sensible and witty.

side view of short pixie haircut

19. Spiky Layered Pixie Cut

Short hairstyles for 2016: This is another unique style to try out. In front view, this style looks like an ordinary pixie cut, but the rear view is artistic. You’ll see collective hair portions fashioned into spikes, mixed with a tinge of blonde. If you’re feeling artistic, you can opt for this style in various color combinations!

layered pixie cut - ombre pixie cut back view

20. Plain Black Boyish Pixie

Like the gray pixie style, plain black still makes you look more intelligent. However, black evokes a little bit of elegance—so you can definitely stand out. Pair this haircut with extraordinary clothes or something unique in the current fashion trends.

winter outfit ideas - short pixie cut for winter

21. Mermaid Pixie Cut

This amazing teal blue-green color evokes images of mermaids! The sleek, straight cut makes it even edgier. Worn with the right makeup, it can be softened just right, giving this unique style more elegance and grace.

colorful hair -sahved pixie cut -greeen hair color ideas - short pixie hairstyle with bangs

Pixie hairstyles are definitely returning in the scene. Experiment with all of these styles today and see how each style affects your moods and confidence level. Have fun exploring your identity and personality–after all, it’s only hair. It grows right back!

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