23 Creative Ways to Make Christmas Cards

The holiday is approaching. You got your Christmas cards from your family and friends? Do you want to send them back some special cards? If you say yes, have no hesitation to pick up the tools to finish the DIY projects. Making Christmas cards is one of the pr

20 DIY Body Butter to Have at Home

When the weather gets dry and cold, your skin requires moisture to keep nurture and soft. The beauty products can help you out. However, they may cost lots of money. Luckily, there are ways for us to save some money. Yes. Having DIY projects can be solutions.

18 Rose-inspired DIY Projects

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25 Christmas Nail Ideas to Try

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20 Cookie Ideas for Your Holiday

I tried to make Jammy Dodger cookies and filled them with the jam of different favors. As Christmas fast approaches, I want to bake the cookies to serve my family and friends. What do you want for your holiday cookies? If you have no idea, you can check the po

20 Gardening Projects with Mason Jar at Home

Have you ever thought of building a mini garden at home with the old mason jars? Don’t throw the old bottles away! Save them and keep them for something fresh and beautiful. Why not change the old jars into the planters and make your dream apartment with som

15 Hair Masks to Protect Your Hair

Every girl has her own type for the hair and finds that it’s hard to handle the hair problems in different seasons. Sometimes some of the girls may find their hair is too dry during winter, others may say their hair get greasy easily. Appling appropriate hai

23 Creative Ideas for Gift Wrapping

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26 Last-minute Decorations for Christmas

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18 Cheese Recipes to Soften Your Heart

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25 Ideas to Help Set Your Holiday Tables

There are still some days before the holidays. Are you decorating your home now? Your dinning table must be the most important place to get decorated for the coming holiday. It’s a place where you and your friends, family eat and enjoy talking so it does nee