Rita Ora

Pretty Hairstyles From Oscar 2015

Did your favorite character win the award at Oscar 2015? No matter what your answer is, every moment of the ceremony will be marked by you. The carpet looks will be talked about all the year round. Today, we have picked up some pretty hairstyles of the female

Smooth blowout

3 Awesome Karlie Kloss Hairstyles

Create a deep part for your hair and blow-dry them in different sections. A paddle brush would do you a great favor to get a desired shape to frame your face during the blowout. Pull your soft tresses back into a messy bun and tease the front sections gently t

Jaimie Alexander

Steal Her Looks: Celebrities’ Pixies

What do you want to style for 2015? How about pixies? I think that every girl should experience with at least a pixie hair to get a fresh, easy look. Try to crop off the long hair and get a cute as well pretty pixie. Even the celebrities get their hair short a