13 Storage Ideas to Save Your Space

Look at your room for a second! What did you find? Your bags lay in your bed? The pieces of clothing were thrown here and there? You forgot to put your outfit back your wardrobe yesterday? Finally, you find that you have little space to move because you make y

Summer Wedding Ideas

12 Ways to Have a Perfect Summer Wedding

Hey girls! Are you enjoying the beautiful summer days. I heard that some of you will become a bride very soon. Is it true? However, I’ll be very glad if there’s really a wedding going to happen these days, as you won’t need to worry about the day being t

23 Ideas for Spring Vase Arrangements

After a cold winter, everyone is longing to have a warm season. We welcome the spring warmly and will change home decorations to embrace such a beautiful season. Today prettydesigns will bring you some ideas to arrange your spring vases so that you can meet th

26 Last-minute Decorations for Christmas

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25 Ideas to Help Set Your Holiday Tables

There are still some days before the holidays. Are you decorating your home now? Your dinning table must be the most important place to get decorated for the coming holiday. It’s a place where you and your friends, family eat and enjoy talking so it does nee

20 Clever Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Is it time for you to clean up your kitchen? You want to refresh it in no time and you don’t know how? Don’t worry. Prettydesigns is here to offer you pretty good ideas to upgrade your kitchen and help refashion it in several steps. First of all, you shoul