Top 10 Best Eyeliner Pens 2017

It is necessary for girls to have an eyeliner pen. A right eyeliner pen can create bigger eyes, so it is must-have tool for every makeup lover. There are kinds of eyeliner pens to choose. Sometimes it is a little hard for you to pick up your favorite eyeliner


Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes You won’t Miss

When you begin to learn how to put on makeup, you may have trouble choosing the makeup tools, like makeup brushes. From the beginning, buying a set of makeup brushes is very important for learning how to apply the cosmetic to your face. Beginners can choose so

12 Makeup Tips That Every Girl Should Know!

#1 Eye drops for mascara We all hate it when our silky smooth expensive mascara gets clumpy. Next time this happens, instead of throwing it out, get any kind of eye drops like visine and put 2 to 3 drops in your mascara. After you do that, shake it up and boom

Bright Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Look

14 Pretty Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

Do you have a party or a special occasion to attend this weekend? Well, you needn’t have to worry about the makeup now. You can take the hot pink smokey eye makeup into your consideration at that time. Besides, there’re also different shades of pink from b

Metallic Blue Eye Makeup

10 Useful Makeup Tips You Should Know

I bet every woman wants to look perfect all the time. Just like hairstyles, the makeup also plays an important part in our everyday life. The blood-red lips and black eyes can easily save you out from a busy day. For today, I have made an interesting post that

Red Lips

15 Stunning Red Lips to Rock This Season

Red lips are the most effective way to make women more attractive to men. They can be even paired with nude makeup and will enhance your beauty enormously. Many celebrities have already adopted this trend for us. To wear off this glamorous look, you may need a

17 Tips for Longer and Flatter Eyelashes

Do you want longer, flirty eyelashes? If you say yes, you must want to learn ways to get your eyelashes become longer and flatter. You may learn from some makeup hacks, but have you thought of growing your eyelashes naturally? Today’s tips will show you how

18 Tips to Deal with Your Lipstick

Sometimes you will get into some troubles before you apply your lipstick to the lips. Your lips may be too dry to wear the lipsticks? Or you don’t know how to avoid the lipstick stain when you drink water? Don’t worry. You can find solutions with Prettydes

20 Ways to Wear Basic Eyeshadow

How to make the perfect eyeshadow? Every girl will have her own way to make a shiny look. Today, Prettydesigns continues to offer you some makeup ideas and you can get super easy ways to create a pretty look for your eyes. The ideas below are going to tell you

15 Brilliant Makeup Tips for Every Girl

Every girl should know about some tips for makeup. Prettydesigns continue to show you some makeup tips for you to make life much easier. Just stay with us and find what you want in the post. There are brilliant ideas for makeup here. You will find ways to clea

23 Easy Makeup Tips for Girls

Today’s post is going to talk about some easy beauty hacks for you girls. The tips are easy and pretty. Prettydesigns will always provide every girl with practical makeup tricks for your looks. Trust us! You will love all the tips offered. From head to foot,

15 Makeup Ideas to Pair Your Halloween Looks

Hey, girls! There are few days before Halloween. Have you chosen a costume for your party? If you say yes, don’t you think that you still forget something? Yes. Your Halloween makeup! Don’t worry. Today’s post is going to show you some incredible Hallowe

Dark lipstick

12 Great Makeup Tips for the Season

The new season means that we are gonna have new fashion trends. Today, I’d like to provide you with suggestions of the latest makeup trends for fall/winter 2015-2016. I bet you must have seen some fashionable makeup ideas on the runways and decided to copy o

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

17 Inspirational Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hey, everyone! Halloween is coming soon! Are you being ready for this most interesting holiday of the year? All kinds of fancy costumes are being very essential for that day. But you will still need a good makeup to complete your whole look. Today, I’ve roun