30 Latest Chic Bob Hairstyles for 2019

Updated: Short Hair inspiration: The Latest Chic Bobs & Lobs We’ve been looking through the latest bob hairstyles all morning and we still can’t decide which are our favorites! Well, one thing’s for sure no-one’s going to get bored with their h

Messy Wavy Bob Hairstyle

23 Trendiest Bob Haircuts for Women

For most women, the bob hairstyle has never been so versatile and creative like these days. The bright hair colors and choppy bobs are two of the most popular looks right now. The new trends are especially true for those girls with smooth, fine hair. No matter

21 Wavy Bob Hairstyles You’ll Love

Bob hairstyles are now the determiners of modern beauty. A woman who sports a bob hairstyle is often seen strong, confident, and charismatic in all areas of life. More than that, bob cuts are popular because they can be maintained easily. Here are some of the

20 Spectacular Angled Bob Hairstyles

One of the most popular hairstyles of today is the angled bob, which many have truly come to love and embrace. No longer just for girls with a brave streak, more and more are chopping their locks off to see how they look in this cute and face flattering style.

Different Kinds of Bob Hairstyles

7 Different Kinds of Bob Hairstyles

Short bob cut with Bangs Short Layered Bob Cut Medium length bob cuts The lob (Long bob hairstyles) A-line bob cut, Angled bob cut, Inverted bob cut The soft wavy bob hairstyles The classic short bob cut

Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Women

22 Popular Bob Haircuts for Short Hair

The bob haircut is always being a best choice for women to create a fabulous look. It can work greatly for short hair to medium length hair. You will have many different ways to create a short bob hairstyle nowadays. Choppy layers and side bangs can do a great

Layered Bob Haircut for Blonde Hair

32 Latest Bob Haircuts for the Season

The short bob haircut is being a best way to show off their strong personality for women. It is to be considered as one of the most classic and popular hairstyles in the world. If you want to make a difference with your hair look this season, the basic bob hai

Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut for Summer Hair

32 Fantastic Bob Haircuts for Women 2015

The classy bob haircut will never step out of the trend for women’s hair look. To have a perfect bob hair look, you should first keep your hair look luscious and smooth. Then you can choose a basic round cut, an inverted one or a graduated bob depending on y

Long Straight Bob Haircut

25 Cute Bob Haircuts for Women 2015

Do you want to know which bob haircut will come out on top this season? Firstly, I’d like to recommend the curly bob for your choice. It is a best way to give your medium hair with body and volume. Then, you can have a stacked bob if you are being so lucky t

Short Bob Haircut

14 Awesome Bob Haircuts for Women

I believe the classic bob haircut would always being an ideal option for girls who want to get a trendy look. It is a smart hairstyle with a simple round cut. Besides, the bob haircut also allows different face shaped girls to wear them with its versatile shap


19 Hottest Bob Haircuts for Women

As we all know, the classic bob hairstyles earned their reputation among women with many variations and styles. Every girl would find a suitable bob haircut no matter you own thick or thin hair, straight or curly hair. Today, let’s have a look at 19 hottest