20 Ideas to Decorate Desks with Succulent

20 Ideas to Decorate Desks with Succulent

Would you like to put something beautiful for your desks? If you say yes, you can choose a small plant called succulent for the desk decorating. Cute succulent are put into some special pots or wares to create beautiful decoration. You are lucky to find the si

15 Porch Upgrading Ideas for Home

15 Porch Upgrading Ideas for Home

Last weekend, I had a good time staying in my porch. In the past few weeks, I tried to bring makeovers to my small porch. Refashioning old furniture and adding some fresh plants were what I had mainly done for my porch. I painted my chair again and hung some s

Divide an open-concept room

20 Ways to Decorate Your Home with String Lights

Do you want to make your home look more beautiful? Well, I think the string lights will do you a great favor. They can make you feel comfy and cozy at home. If you don’t like using lamps, you can pull a strand above the nightstand. It will also be able to sa

15 Ways to Make Photo Walls

15 Ways to Make Photo Walls

Do you want to display your photos on the walls of your house? You don’t have any idea to deal with the photo walls. Don’t worry. Prettydesigns can always help you out. Today we are going to introduce some DIY ways to you to display your own photos. It’s

Living Room Design

16 Magnificent Living Room Designs

Do you want to give your room a totally different look? Well, I suggest that you can get started with the living room as we’ll spend a lot of time there. It never matters whether your living room is big enough or not, you can always have a way to get most of

Open Shelves

17 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Bathroom

Do you have an idea to rebuild your bathroom these days? Well, I’ve got some creative ideas to give your bathroom a totally different look in this post. Our solutions will include cabinets, shelves, hooks and baskets to fit any corner of your bathroom. Follo

Colorful Kitchen Design

22 Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you looking for a brand-new kitchen design idea? Well, I think the colorful one could be a good option if you want to have some fun in your home. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day, so it is important to make it comfort and chic. You will feel

Space Behind the Bed

10 Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you are faced with some storage issues in your bedroom, then this post is specially written for you. Organizing clothes can be really exhausting especially when you have a small wardrobe. We’d like to provide you with some effective solutions to help you

15 Wooden Crafts for Home

15 Wooden Crafts for Home

Do you want to add vintage vibe to your home? If you say yes, you won’t miss some wooden crafts. Yes. Wooden stuff can bring pretty as well as vintage look to your home. You can put wooden furniture in every corner to your house. Wooden tables, wooden shelve

Candle Holder

22 Smart Ideas for Your Home Decor

It would be quite troublesome to purchase all kinds of items that you need for your home décor. Today, I’d like to list some essential parts like candle holder, lamp, cushion, clock and etc here. Sometimes, you will find it magic and creative to turn them i

The Entry Bench

18 DIY Household Projects

Have you been troubled with all those old stuffs that you are about to throw away? They are being so useless but still take a lot of space in your room. Today, I’d like to show you some impressive ways to rebuild them with a new life. You will definitely fee

DIY Baskets

22 Effective Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

In this post, we’d like to provide you with some useful storage ideas to break the clutters in the bathroom. Whether your bathroom is big or small, these bathroom storage hacks will be able to give a clean and neat look to your room. You will learn how to or