Makeup Tips—15 Ways to Make Eyelashes Longer

Hey, pretty girls! Prettydesigns will show you some makeup tips today. The post is all about eyelashes. If you always complain about your eyelashes, you will be happy to find useful ways to have longer eyelashes with some magical makeup tips. These tips will o

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13 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is about to come and I bet you must be very excited about it. Many people will choose to wear a Halloween mask on that day. But I think you can make it in a more flattering way. There will be a wide range of makeup for your choice. Keep in mind that

How to Apply Mascara: 10 Tips

How to Apply Mascara: 10 Tips

Last time, prettydesigns offered you some tips to make bigger eyes. Today we continue to offer you 10 amazing tips to make a perfect eye makeup. The post will tell you how to apply mascara to pair your look. It is not easy to make a longer and prettier lashes

Sliver Glitter Eyeliner

10 Glitter Tutorials to Rock this Week

Hello, girls. You always want to get everything with glitter? You always want a sparkle look? Then you are lucky to find out our site. Prettydesigns continue to be here and offer many a pretty good idea for you to glam a great look. Today’s post is going to

10 Secrets for Lash Curling

10 Secrets for Lash Curling

Today prettydesigns will tell some makeup secrets which nobody may tell you before. When it comes to makeup tips, the most important part is your eye because your eye can show your heart. So it’s important for every girl to make a perfect eye makeup. Of cour

10 Brow Guidances for Summer

10 Brow Guidances for Summer

Hello, girls! How to paint proper brows bothers you when you wear your makeup? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. Prettydesigns offers you some guidances about painting brows. If you want an ultra-pretty look, you can stay with us and learn how

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10 Ways to Apply False Eyelashes Properly

Hello, girls! How to make a bigger as well as attractive eyes? Here you can the answers. Prettydesigns will offer you 10 ways to apply the false eyelashes properly. We don’t think that you will miss these practical makeup skills. Have no hesitation to browse

10 Tutorials to Have Attractive Eyes

10 Tutorials to Have Attractive Eyes

Hello, girls! Prettydesigns will offer something practical for your eye makeup today. You can just stay with us and improve your makeup skills by the tutorials. The post is goint to tell you how to make attractive eyes with some makeup tricks. There are step-b

Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Idea

20 Perfect Bridal Makeup Ideas

For all to-be-brides, I’d like to make you a perfect collection of 20 bridal makeup ideas that will give you a breath-taking look on that “big day”. As we all know, the gorgeous wedding dress is of the most importance for the wedding look. But we still n

Shape Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

18 Useful Makeup Tricks for Women

To keep up with the latest fashion trends, you will also need a right makeup to complete the whole look. In this post, you can find 18 useful makeup tricks to teach you how to emphasize your best facial features. Most of them are very easy and interesting to f

Flawless Cat Eyeliner

10 Tutorials to Make Flawless Eyeliners

Hello, girls! Today Prettydesigns will show you 10 useful tutorials to make a flawless eye makeup. We are always here to offer you anything trendy. So we don’t think that you will miss today’s post. The post is all about the eyeliner techniques. You will g

Bright Pink Lips

18 Awesome Makeup Ideas for Formal Occasions

To make a perfect makeup look, you will need to know which color flatters your skin most and how to apply those powers properly on your face. All of the process won’t be difficult if you have become familiar with your skin tone and face structure. Practice m

10 Ways to Make Tightline Eyes

10 Ways to Make Tightline Eyes

Hey, girls! Prettydesigns will give you some advice on eyeliners again. How to make an ultra-natural look for your makeup? Eye makeup plays an important role. Tightline eyes can create a natural makeup and make lashes look longer. However, it’s not easy for

How to Wash Your Face

How to Wash Your Face

You think it’s easy for you to wash the face and there is no need to pay much attention to it? Actually, you should take several steps to make your face clean. Prettydesigns is here to give you some advice so that you can prepare your face for a new day. It

Deep Blue Eye Makeup Idea

22 Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Summer

As we all know, the summer day is all about bright colors and fresh looks. To pair with your colorful tops, dresses and shorts, you will need a perfect makeup to complete the look in a flattering way. The new makeup should definitely come along well with the f