Pink Matte Nails

25 Cute Matte Nail Designs You Will Love

Matte nails are to be considered very easy to apply for girls. They will make a cute and lovely look with their simple style. A beautiful nail design plays an important role just like your fashionable clothes. So you should also pay much attention on your nail

Valentine' s Day Nail Design

22 Romantic Nail Designs for Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! We should all start thinking about every details of that day. A piece of beautiful red dress is the first thing that comes to my mind, as the red color stands for love and passion. Another fresh idea to get caught up is to wea

Rose Quartz Matte Nails

20 Rose Quartz Nail Designs for 2016

Pantone have chosen Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of the year 2016. Both of them are soft and will remind us of the calmness. Maybe you are already planning on buying some clothes of these two colors. But do you know how to wear them on your nails? Fo

White Nail Design Idea

20 Classic Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try Now!

Have you ever had such kind of trouble when pairing your nails with your outfits? Don’t worry, today I’ll provide you with 20 classic nail designs in this post. With their help, I bet you will never have those troubles again before going out every day! Gen

23 Designs to Get Inspired for Painting Pastel Nails

When winter ends, what are you going to paint for your manicure? Spring nail arts can be vivid. Have you ever tried out those pastel nail designs? If you say no, you must pick some gorgeous designs up and paint your spring nails. You are lucky to find out our

White Nails with Feather

Spring Trend: 16 White Nail Designs You May Love

In spite of the colorful nails, white nail designs play an important role in spring. White nail arts appear as runway looks frequently in this season. If you want a more interesting than a simple nail art, you can just have a stylish white nail art. They are n

20 Floral Nails You Must Try for Spring

How to show your creativity? To paint your nails is to show off your imagination for your manicure. Since girls are never tired of painting pretty nail arts, they will experience with vivid polishing themes. Today prettydesigns will give you girls a new nail i

25 Christmas Nail Ideas to Try

You have your tree, your house and your dinner table decorated already. What are you going to do after finishing your holiday decoration and wrapping all the gifts? Don’t forget to glam up yourself and get the spirit of Christmas. Why not begin with your nai

20 Winter Nail Arts You Should Have Now

The season is too cold to go everywhere?You want to do something pretty at home?I think you will not miss today’s post. Prettydesigns collect some pretty nail arts for you to choose. Just stay with us and find vivid nail ideas to rock the season at h

20 Awesome Nail Arts You Must Love

There are some awesome nail arts introduced in today’s post. I don’t think you will miss them. From bright colors to dark colors, you will find many a stylish nail designs to rock everyday. Have no hesitation to check them out. If you love metallic themed

25 Holiday Inspired Nails

It’s winter and there are holidays in the season. What do you want for your nails to meet the spirit of the season and of the holidays? If you have no idea about your new manicure, you can stay with prettydesigns and find some useful ideas. When it is Novemb

25 Thanksgiving Day Nail Arts for Girls

Thanksgiving Day is approaching. What are you going to have for your manicure? Fall leaves, pies and turkeys? That’s crazy. I am thinking of the delicious food. Besides the Thanksgiving Day meals, I think girls must have something pretty to paint for their n

19 Trendy Broken Glass Nail for Winter

Nude nails, printed nails and glitter nails always go with you? You have never experience with glass nail arts? We are sure that you will fall in love with them after check today’s post. Yes. Prettydesigns is going to offer you trendy nails here. Just stay w

Pink Feather Nail Design

15 Feminine Feather Nail Designs for 2016

Feather nail designs will look very pretty and unique for girls. It is being a best way to make a statement with your nails. The feathers are always being painted with dream-catchers and will remind us of the boho-chic style. It allows us to use different pret

White and Pink Leopard Print Nail Design

21 Wild Leopard Print Nail Designs for 2016

Nowadays, women tend to pay more and more attention to their nails. There are plenty of nail art designs on the net and you can choose anyone you like to paint your nails. Among so many different patterns, the leopard print is being mostly preferred by women a