Floral Sign

22 Flower DIY Ideas to Try This Spring

Hey, girls! Are you enjoying the beautiful day? For me, I love spring very much as there are so many pretty flowers. How about you? Do you find them delightful and romantic? I think they play a huge role to our life. So for today, I have made an awesome collec

DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

16 DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

We all cherish our wedding memories very much. They play an important part in our life. The best way to keep those happy moments in record is with pictures. Most of time, we’d like to set up the photo booth at the reception. Thus, your friends can easily cap

Handbag Storage Idea

16 Useful Storage Ideas to Ease Your Life

Hey, girls! Are you enjoying the beautiful days? The spring has come and the temperature keeps going up. We can’t wait to follow the latest fashion trends and buy some stylish new pieces. But what should we do with the old ones? You may have already found th

Hanging Organizer

22 Amazing Ways to Store Your Shoes

I am so happy spring is coming soon. How about you? The cold winter has gone and that means we need to put away all those chunky winter coats and shoes and update our wardrobes with trendy spring outfits. Do you know how to organize them in a right way? For to

Cookie Jars

18 Fantastic Ways to Store Nail Polishes

Hey, girls! Do you like polishing your nails? At least my answer is “Yes”. I bet you must have plenty of nail polishes at home and don’t know how to put them away in a right way. Well, I should say I’ve met with this kind of problems too. They play an

Beauty Products Tray

12 Makeup Products Storage Ideas You Need to Know

Do you have any trouble finding the instrument that you need in the morning? It may be very frustrating and will influence the mood of your whole day. If your vanity table is in a mess now, then you are in the right place. There are plenty of ways to solve the

DIY Embellished Pumps Idea

12 Great DIY Heels Ideas You Must Try

Do you want to have a trendy piece for your wardrobe without spending a fortune? A good idea is that you can make it on your own, which is also a best way to kill your free time. Now is the time to improve our DIY skills and techniques with our shoes and give

DIY Clothes Idea for Valentine's Day

10 Cute DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hey, fahionistas! Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Do you want to make something cute and lovely to celebrate that romantic holiday? Have you already got some plans? I bet you will see the red color and hearts everywhere. For today, I’d like to provide you

15 Homemade Bath Salt Projects

There are lots of parties recently? You feel tired after that? You are suggested to enjoy the bath time which may make you relax a bit and refresh yourself. When you take your bath, you can bring the bath salts with you as well. The bath salts can not only cre

23 Creative Ways to Make Christmas Cards

The holiday is approaching. You got your Christmas cards from your family and friends? Do you want to send them back some special cards? If you say yes, have no hesitation to pick up the tools to finish the DIY projects. Making Christmas cards is one of the pr

20 DIY Body Butter to Have at Home

When the weather gets dry and cold, your skin requires moisture to keep nurture and soft. The beauty products can help you out. However, they may cost lots of money. Luckily, there are ways for us to save some money. Yes. Having DIY projects can be solutions.

18 Rose-inspired DIY Projects

Prettydesigns is here to offer you DIY projects again. Today’s projects will give you ideas to make some rose-inspired crafts. We don’t think that you will miss the ideas. What do you think of the rose? It shows romantic and beautiful vibe. It can not be j

20 Gardening Projects with Mason Jar at Home

Have you ever thought of building a mini garden at home with the old mason jars? Don’t throw the old bottles away! Save them and keep them for something fresh and beautiful. Why not change the old jars into the planters and make your dream apartment with som