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Coral Flower Nail Designs

15 Colorful Flower Nail Designs for Summer

We always love flower patterns so much for their romantic sense. Apart from having them on out tops, skirts and dress, we can still use them to decorate our nails. Today, I’ll show 15 colorful flower nail designs to inspire your flower nail designs this summ

Short Asymmetry Hairstyle for Long Face

24 Beautiful Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2019

You would never get worried again with this post if you are born with thin hair. There’re still some hairstyles that will work wonderfully on thin hair. Firstly, you can cut your hair very short into a cool pixie if you are satisfied with your facial feature

Beach Wavy Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

22 Daily Medium Hairstyles for Women 2019

There’re plenty of ways to style your medium hair from the fabulous long bob to all kinds of layered hairstyles. Among all kinds of hairstyles, an adorable curly bob should be one of the most classy one. Most of them can be styled with or without bangs depen

Pastel Hair Color Idea

28 Cool Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Updated: The pastel hair color ideas are not only working for spring/summer days. You can also sport one flattering shade in winter. As the silver grey played an important role for last year’s hair color trend, the pale pink color is being very popular this

Flower Nails

Stunning Nail Tutorials for Summer 2019

Summer will come soon. Why not get some new clothes and have your nails polished in order to have a brand new look. It’s necessary for every girl to glam a new look for the coming season because a new look give a new and fresh vibe. Girls, never stop rocking

Great sunglasses for an all white outfit - Casual White Outfit for 2014

10 Ways to Wear Clean White Outfits for Spring 2019

The new season is coming soon. Are you ready for it? And what will you look like in 2014? To me, I can wear the clean white outfit for a whole year. I like the white color so much for its simple and dainty style. To most women, it is such an essential and basi

7 Skincare Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

7 Skincare Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

via If you have skin that is prone to acne and tends to break out frequently, developing an effective and non-irritating skincare routine can be a nightmare. Acne-prone skin is very sensitive and can be easily irritated and driven to increased breakouts by

Pink Metallic Nail Design

40 Best Metallic Nail Designs for 2019 – Nail Art Ideas

Updated: The metallic nail designs can make a shine and gorgeous look for women. They are being a best choice for those girls who want to become an eye-catcher on streets. It is fun and interesting to add metallic strips to your nail designs. They can be styl

Long Wavy Blonde Hair

15 Most Charming Blonde Hairstyles for 2019

Long blond hairstyle is once believed to be the most attractive hairstyle for women. It always reminds us of the most famous and sexiest American actress Marilyn Monroe. She has been the ideal lover for most men for a very long time. Is this light shade color