15 Turtleneck Dresses You will Love this Fall

What is the must-have stuff for Fall? Turtleneck dresses will be one of the stuff that you prepare for the fall wardrobe. The staple can not only keep warm, but also give you a pretty look. The turtleneck dresses will give you a warm as well as romantic season

13 Storage Ideas to Save Your Space

Look at your room for a second! What did you find? Your bags lay in your bed? The pieces of clothing were thrown here and there? You forgot to put your outfit back your wardrobe yesterday? Finally, you find that you have little space to move because you make y

15 Ideas to Create Warm Layers

Early fall is cool while late fall is chilled. The leaves will turn yellow and the sky will be too nice for a good day. What do you prepare for your fall wardrobe? Since it is cooler and cooler, you should make a preparation for the coming cold days by having

15 Creepy Eye Makeup Ideas You Want to Try for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. You still don’t know what to have for the parties? There is a little time to figure it out. Why not decide what makeup you are going to wear first? Then let’s begin with eye makeup. Today, we will offer you some creepy eye m

14 Outfit Ideas with Tartan Scarves

It is getting colder and colder. Scarf is one of the must-have stuff for everyone. It is versatile as well as fashionable. Also, it can not only keep you warm but also pair your outfit perfectly. Among various scarves, tartan styles are classic for every fall

15 Easy Simple Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

When it is a new season, it is time for you to have new nail arts. What are you going to paint for your nails in fall? Fall is a good season to wear comfortable sweaters and stylish coats. In order to pair the look, you should pay more attention on the details

20 Outfits with Leopard Patterns You Must Try

Do you a fan of leopard prints? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. It is all about leopard printed clothing. It offers many ways and styles for you to get inspired. The trend is not out of style for this fall. From tops to shoes, you can have wa

17 Hairstyles for Your Halloween Costumes

It is time to think of your Halloween costumes for the parties! What hairstyle will you style to pair your Halloween look? No matter what character you will play for this Halloween, your hairstyles are important to catch the eyes. Halloween hairstyles will pla

13 Styles to Wear a Khaki Sweater

Khaki is popular for every fall and winter. How to make a khaki look for this fall and winter? You will find tips and ideas in the following styles. Khaki is a must-have color for the seasons while a khaki sweater is one of must-have staples for your wardrobe

20 Cool Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Are you waiting for Halloween to have parties or do the trick or treat? When fall comes, Halloween is also around the corner. Some girls have been thinking about their Halloween costumes and makeup. What are you going to wear or to paint this year? However, be

17 Ideas to Add Burgundy to Your Outfits

Do you like drinking wine? Do you like the color of wine? The color burgundy can not only make lovely wine, but also create trendy outfits. Let the color rock at the end of the year!You will find useful ideas for glam your burgundy look in the post. Check th

15 Metallic Skirts to Make Your Looks Enter Next Level

How to glam a shiny look? Wearing metallic skirts is one of the fashionable ways. It is bold for some girls to wear the skirts, but it is really pretty and trendy for them to wear one. Actually, there are simple ways to pair the metallic skirts. Today’s post

15 Cool Styles with Leather Jackets

How to make a pretty fall outfit? It is easy and versatile for girls to have a leather jacket. Leather jackets will not only bring a pretty to girls, but also keep warm. There are ways to glam with your leather jacket. Though you have only one leather jacket,

20 Pencil Skirt Styles You Want to Try for Weekdays

One of my friends loves pencil skirts so much. She is a business woman and there is no doubt that she will choose one of her pencil skirts for her office look. It seems that she is never fed up with wearing a pencil skirt for work. As a busy lady, it is versat