Top 10 Best Cookware Sets on Sale

You are wondering what to send for your mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day? Why not buy a new set of cook for mom? Give her a surprise with that brand new cookware. Here is a list for you to check out first. You can decide what cookware to buy for your mom. 10


Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Women

After working long hours in the office, people need to stretch their bodies instead of sitting on the chair again. They will choose jogging or running to release their pressures and they will gain both the peace of their mind and the health of their bodies. Th

Top 10 Best Hair Treatment Oils for Women

It is easy to have fine hair with a small bottle of hair oil. Applying hair oil to the hair is the fastest way to fix the frazzle as well as damaged hair ends. This summer, bottles hair treatment oils can still help women out of the hair problems. Here are the

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22 Amazing Ways to Store Your Shoes

I am so happy spring is coming soon. How about you? The cold winter has gone and that means we need to put away all those chunky winter coats and shoes and update our wardrobes with trendy spring outfits. Do you know how to organize them in a right way? For to

15 Ways to Enlarge Your Kitchen Space

Clean up your kitchen and embrace the New Year. Storing the kitchen stuff becomes very important for everyday. You need space to cook meals and have meals. So today’s post is going to tell you how to enlarge your kitchen space by taking some steps. You can h

15 Homemade Bath Salt Projects

There are lots of parties recently? You feel tired after that? You are suggested to enjoy the bath time which may make you relax a bit and refresh yourself. When you take your bath, you can bring the bath salts with you as well. The bath salts can not only cre

23 Creative Ways to Make Christmas Cards

The holiday is approaching. You got your Christmas cards from your family and friends? Do you want to send them back some special cards? If you say yes, have no hesitation to pick up the tools to finish the DIY projects. Making Christmas cards is one of the pr

20 DIY Body Butter to Have at Home

When the weather gets dry and cold, your skin requires moisture to keep nurture and soft. The beauty products can help you out. However, they may cost lots of money. Luckily, there are ways for us to save some money. Yes. Having DIY projects can be solutions.

20 Gardening Projects with Mason Jar at Home

Have you ever thought of building a mini garden at home with the old mason jars? Don’t throw the old bottles away! Save them and keep them for something fresh and beautiful. Why not change the old jars into the planters and make your dream apartment with som

23 Creative Ideas for Gift Wrapping

You have already prepared for all the gifts for your family and friends? You want to get them wrapped in a quick way? You are lucky to find today’s post. Prettydesigns continue to bring you some clever tricks to make your life better. The post is all about g

25 Ideas to Help Set Your Holiday Tables

There are still some days before the holidays. Are you decorating your home now? Your dinning table must be the most important place to get decorated for the coming holiday. It’s a place where you and your friends, family eat and enjoy talking so it does nee

15 Easy and Clever Ideas to Arrange Your Closet

You still can find the sweater you brought three years ago in your closet? It’s time for you to get rid of the old sweaters. Prettydesigns will show you how to arrange your closet well in some simple ways. Just stay with us and find useful ideas. First of al

17 Wedding Photo Shooting Ideas

Recently I found amazing wedding photos took on the Internet. They are particular photos that show some wedding details in someone’s eyes. I don’t know how the photographer did it but I am totally obsessed with the pictures. However, not everyone is a supe

20 Ideas to Choose a Great Gift for Your Best Friend

What do you think of your best friend? Is she a person who can’t put their things in good order or is she a foodie? What gift are you going to choose for your best friend for the coming holiday? Today prettydesigns will show you some significant ideas to pre

15 Ways to Make Personalized Gifts

You want to hug someone but you find there is no one around? Don’t worry. You can just hug yourself tight. That’s not a joke. If you make a pillow which is printed by your portrait, you can hug ‘yourself’. Today’s post is going to show you more ideas